Eurogamer: Facebook Games Roundup

Eurogamer: It's impossible to write an article about Facebook games without mentioning FarmVille. And as you'll know if you read our feature on that game, it's almost impossible to write anything at all if you're playing FarmVille. But Zynga's blockbuster isn't the only game on Facebook, so what else is out there? Are all Facebook games about collecting stuff? Do they all involve spamming your friends? Are any of them any good?

Surely there's no one better to answer these questions than Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson. More to the point, there's no one else willing to. So she picked a bunch of Facebook games to review, based on recommendations from friends and what's riding high in the charts. (For the record, FarmVille-style games such as Mafia Wars, Cafe World and FishVille were excluded, due to the fact they're basically FarmVille with mobsters / burgers / kippers, and we've all had quite enough of that thank you.)

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