Nintendo deal with texture compression firm

S3 Graphics' new tool provides 'up to six-fold compression of complex textures'

Nintendo has renewed a licence agreement with graphics chipset firm S3 Graphics, allowing the Kyoto-headquartered giant to use new S3 Texture Compression (S3TC) technology.

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ChickeyCantor4109d ago

Wouldnt that mean the processing power needed is going to add up?
Or do i have it backwards?

amogrr4109d ago

The obvious effect is that they can store more. The processing power needed will increase/decrease based on the decompression algorithm. I'd say its likely to decrease.

darthv724109d ago

S3TC is nothing new unless they have REALLY improved their process. In fact they came out with their texture compression technique around the same time as 3DFX and the FXT1 compression. This is back in the days of the early nvidia geforce designs. Nvidia absorbed everything 3DFX had when they bought them which lead to Nvidia making a (somewhat) comeback for SLI but not in the exact same approach as 3DFX did with the Voodoo2 chipset.

Wow...for nintendo to be dealing with S3 is like looking at a page from 1999-2001

SpoonyRedMage4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

As Raypture pointed out below this is more likely to be involved with the 3DS, which is rumoured to be GCN level so 2001 PC tech is probably right. EDIT: Especially considering there's also a rumour that the 3DS will be powered by Nvidia's tegra.

The Wii isn't in need of any extra texture compression, barely any games are even dual layered and some games have crazy good textures already(Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and FF:CC: Crystal Bearers).

Blaster_Master4109d ago

Its still not in HD so whats the point? I guess it doesn't hurt, but they should just come out with an HD adapter if they are going to go this far.

Quadrix4109d ago

Pretty good move on Nintendo's part, especially if it decreases the need for processing power.

anonymouse1113354109d ago

I doubt this will have anything to do with the wii for now but looking good torwards the 3DS development from what we know.