Split/Second Xbox 360 demo available now

A playable demo of Split/Second: Velocity is available to download now via the Marketplace.

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the-warriors4716d ago (Edited 4716d ago )

heheheheehheehehehehehehehehe heh

CrapStatio 3 i dont know why Fools still playing Crap 3

divideby04716d ago

got to be better than the blur demo...that was frigging horrific

T9X694716d ago

Even though I have really no interest in this game or Blur in terms of buying it, I actually enjoyed the Blur demo it was like Mario Kart with real cars. I'm downloading this demo as well right now, so we will see how fun it is.

orange-skittle4716d ago

you're a douche. The BLUR demo was actually really enjoyable. It's a buy for me, but not day 1. I will wait for the price to drop because I don't think any racing or fighting game is worth $60. There's no depth or story involved. Blur actually surprised me on the fun factor and I raced against guys that were ranked up pretty high. That shows that they have invested time in it as well. After the 3rd play through, I was winning against rank 6's once I knew how to use the power up weapons. Reminded me of Mario Kart on steroids

Inside_out4716d ago

Downloaded it this morning...looks OK...the trailer and art work had me play a little stale...just my opinion guys, nobody freak out....Uses the Havok physics engine...Very arcadie...if that's your thing, then this could be the game for you...Why exclusive I don't know....moving on...

-MD-4716d ago

As someone who doesn't even like racing games all that much I loved the Blur demo.

ProjectVulcan4716d ago

This is begging for physx on PC

Aloren4716d ago

Split Second looks a little better... but blur is much more enjoyable and fun to play.

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BeaArthur4716d ago

Too many games coming out to pick this one up at its release but I will definitely try the demo.

red2tango4716d ago

Release the demo on PS3 or PC please, thanks.

iistuii4716d ago

But don't like it. Didn't like Blur either. I am a PGR fan, so i like the more arcade type of racer and love the way it drives especially online, but these games are more about luck, very next gen mario kart.

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The story is too old to be commented.