GamesLatest:: Super Street Fighter IV review

GamesLatest writes: "Capcom has pretty much perfected an already great game, with minor tweaks and major additions. There's just a whole lot more this game offers, and all for the price of a budget title! So those amongst you who occasionally play the original SFIV with friends and family for a couple of rounds need not bother. However, anybody who hasn't played the original Street Fighter IV should definitely pick this up. Also, the majority of SFIV owners who want to play online and/or competitively should be picking this up without a second thought. Super Street Fighter IV is currently the best fighting game in the market bar none."

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Anon73493150d ago

Has always been superior.... but at least Juri is hot.

GamesLatest3150d ago

One can only wish the same could be done to Guilty Gear, there is some life remaining in those great old fighters...

Anon73493150d ago

There's already a guilty gear spin off and there's going to be some sort of "Blazblue VS Guilty Gear" game eventually.

But I'm totally happy with blazblue anyways, I prefer it's art style even though they're very similar.