Pachter "certain" Mass Effect 3 will hit PS3

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that Mass Effect will eventually hit PS3, and is "certain" that the third game in the series will be available on Sony's console.

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Pfft!!! Patcher is 1000x worse than you know who!

fox023124d ago

In other words, it won't.

rroded3124d ago

that and fact is ms has gotta b willing ta pay large for the exclusivity.

nycredude3124d ago

Is this guy fvcking retarded or something!? How the heck are they going to release the THIRD game on a console before they release the first two?

Inside_out3124d ago

Ah yes, speculation based on conversations he had with people in the know...could be true....Mass effect is Bioware which is EA...EA on the warpath lately with M$....Battlefield demo on PS3 first, all EA sports being made available for PS move....where's there's smoke???...

I thought ME was a three part series...after's anybodies guess...I would think all three will end up on PS3...the game is one of the best RPG/tps action shooter thingies ( crosses many genres ) out there....Hmmmm....

A bigger question is if Gears 3 will end up on PS3...announcing it BEFORE E3 and launching it in April 2011 doesn't seem right...Will have to wait till E3...THAT would be a bombshell....ME who?....

lelo2play3124d ago

Hummm... if Pachter is "certain" Mass Effect 3 will hit PS3 ... then it probably will not come.

IdleLeeSiuLung3124d ago

"I have heard from Microsoft and I've actually heard from EA we probably won't see Mass Effect 1 ever on PS3," said Pachter, speaking on this week's Pach-Attack.

Pacther heard from EA/MS that ME 1 won't ever come to the PS3... That is not a prediction, but information from two source albeit one is suspect.

TreMillz3124d ago

Of course then I wouldn't no longer get it for my 360, but I guess however much Microsoft is paying EA must be pretty good, though I think PS3 fans should be able to enjoy it too. Well, Mass Effect 2 would have to come on PS3 for there to be Mass Effect 3, because I'm pretty sure that the players would want to continue from ME2, but who knows.

Commander TK3124d ago

"How the heck are they going to release the THIRD game on a console before they release the first two?"

Did SE have to put all the final fantasy games on the 360? No.

XxZxX3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

ehh then what about Mass Effect 1 and 2??
PS3 user has to pick up Mass effect 3 without playing 1 and 2.. What is that even make sense.

@Commander TK
Each final fantasy has in own story and they are totally disconnected.

darksied3123d ago

This would be cool, if it happens. What they could do is put out a ME 1 and 2 collector's pack at a lower price point, just like GoW 1 and 2. Heck, even if it wasn't at a lower price, it would still get at least half a million sales. Then release ME3 when it comes out and bam, at least 1m more sales for ME3.

But I'm pretty sure this won't happen; though I would like it to. Not because I want to play it on ps3 or anything (PC is better for this game) but because it's Bioware, and I want to see them do well.

FA-SHO3123d ago

"Is this guy fvcking retarded or something!? How the heck are they going to release the THIRD game on a console before they release the first two?"

DMC4, FFXIII.... 360 still doesn't have dmc1-3 or FF1-12(except 11)

VigkVagk3123d ago

the sony playstation three could not handle mass effect, entirely the wrong audience

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Natsu X FairyTail3124d ago

ME1 and ME2 should be on it 1st before saying the 3rd one will be.

ATLGAMER3124d ago

Ps 3 needs dead rising 1...

ElementX3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Not necessarily. ME1 and 2 are a continuation of a story. Dead Rising 1 and 2 are seperate stories as far as I know. Plus action games are a little different than a role playing game where you can import characters.

The Dead Rising story consists of a virus that infects people and turns them into zombies. In DR2 it spreads across the US. DR2 takes place in a new city modeled after Vegas.

peowpeow3124d ago

Does Dead Rising have a story though? Sorry, not sure as I haven't played it

ATLGAMER3124d ago

You act as if a two system owner is not in the majority ..

Simon_Brezhnev3124d ago

Well The Witcher 2 is coming to PS3/360 and you really need to play The Witcher 1 on PC for better understanding of the story.

OmegaSlayer3124d ago

I absolutely want Mass Effect on my PS3, but I'm not interested in buying a story driven trilogy without a piece.
So, I want ME1 and ME2, otherwise I won't care less.

hmmmm3124d ago

All of you bringing up other games have a point in the understanding of the story but ME is different because the story changes(slightly) depending on your actions in the past titles. So that would mean that ME3 would always play out the same if a PS3 owner bought it without the option of buying the previous titles and changing the experience by completing them differently.

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sid4gamerfreak3124d ago

Oh boy....this is gonna hit the front page.....

Time to get my popcorn...

OmegaSlayer3124d ago

It's because PS3 gamers are interested in the game, so it would be smart from Bioware and EA to release it and make some easy money.

ShinnokDrako3124d ago

Patcher.... shut up pls. Can anyone tell me why they pay this clown?
A fortune teller guesses more than him, incredible...

Excalibur3124d ago

Pachter is an Idiot and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if the stoopid $#!t he says wasn't regurgitated here ever again ;)

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