UK software sales (Week ending 4/24)

Chart Track has published the latest software sales figures from the UK (week ending April 24th). Monster Hunter Tri makes its first appearance on the charts.

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Valay3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Monster Hunter Tri at number 5! That makes me happy.

SpoonyRedMage3096d ago

Yes, good to see it doing well.

A lot of people I know seem to have picked it up. and keep in mind it only released on friday.

Mo0eY3096d ago

I have one question regarding Tri: can you connect randomly to people online or are friend codes required?

If it's the latter, I won't bother with the game, but if you can connect randomly, I'll pick it up one day when I finish my backlog.

SpoonyRedMage3096d ago

It's doesn't have friend codes, it works using a lobby system. Even in games with friend codes you can connect with random people(like FF:CC:EoT)... or most of the time anyway.

green3096d ago

Splinter cell at number 2 for 2 weeks in a row. Ubisoft must be pleased with the sucess of conviction and especially Just Dance.As for Forza 3, that game got some seriously loooooooooooooooong legs.

Halo3 MLG Pro3096d ago

Disregard the fool above me.

Yeah Splinter Cell is definitely making some cash. And it's well deserved. The game is a blast and arguably the best in the series. Love the new path the game took. Much more grittier than before.

And Forza 3 is a freaking BEAST!

T9X693096d ago

Great information you provided to support your opinion, you fail at trolling.

SCC is a very good game, there are things I wish they kept and taken out from Conviction but, overall the game is damn good and great fun.

ndibu3096d ago

Actually splintercell is at number 1 for 2 weeks.

tinybigman3096d ago

But its clear that the europeans like forza 3 more the americans. It has a couple hundred thousand lead over US one in numbers.

And another thing why can't this series do well over million by itself in the states without being bundled. Its clearly a good series (although not for me), but come on it should surely do better then where it already is.

Also can someone tell me why just dance keeps selling.

vhero3096d ago

Its all because all of the coverage of GT5 and the fact Forza 3 is so damn cheap here (£15-£17). GT5 is actually helping sell Forza to 360 owners thanks to the hype behind it and the fact its still not released. The cheap price is the icing on the cake as for a game not out that long ago its cheaper than a greatest hits game.

Bigpappy3096d ago

SC:C exceeded my expectations. Great game, and very challenging. It took me a bout 15 hours to complete. I now have to play the co-op mode and put in some Spy Vs Spy time. Great game.

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ndibu3096d ago

Despite the bubble thievery and disagrees i get for saying it, the Forza is strong in this one!

Dance3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Grats to Splinter Cell

Shnazzyone3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

SO much for "core games not selling on wii". It looks like what we all suspected was true.... Poorly advertised and promoted core games don't sell on wii. Looks like capcom finally did it right.

I just feel bad for GOW 3.... outsold by Mario Kart Wii already.

SpoonyRedMage3096d ago

Nintendo did the legwork for Capcom though and I've already seen people spin it as "Wii owners only buy Nintendo games confirmed".

I've also seen peole claim that although it's the best debut for the franchise and entered the top 5 that it still isn't a great debut.

On only a tengentially related point, I wonder where Nier is? absolutely nowhere and that came out the same day. Wonder if we'll here about that bombing.... although I already know the answer to that.

Mister_Dawg3096d ago

Not just Mario Kart Wii.

Its been outsold by Jet Set Willy :-)

Shnazzyone3096d ago

Nintendo made all those awesome commercials with the crazy hunter guy and the demo discs? Plus nintendo payed for all the tv i saw prior to the release where tri had sponsored wrestling and countless comedy central shows?

SpoonyRedMage3096d ago

I don't know if they paid for them completely but at least in Europe Nintendo was the one advertising and distributing it.

I think it's likely they paid for the NA ads as well.

silvacrest3096d ago

something tells me you guys aren't really sad at all....anyway

GOW3 has already done really well and this chart is only from the UK, not even the whole you europe, also you guys are well aware that the 360 does well here

i live in the UK so you can take my word for it or not, i see TONS of nintendo and xbox ads here while from sony i see ads for their new range of bravia TV's, ask anyone from the UK and they will tell you the same thing

if you wanna talk numbers GoW3 has almost sold the same amount as forza 3 in MUCH much less time

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