Retailers Slash Halo 3: ODST Price in Anticipation of Halo: Reach Beta

Gamers wishing to partake in next week's highly-anticipated Halo: Reach beta will have only one option for jumping into the action: using the invite secured through purchasing a copy of last year's Halo 3: ODST. Clearly knowledgeable of the situation, several high street and online retailers have today begun promoting incredibly low prices for last year's Halo 3: ODST throughout their stores, mail-outs and other commercial activities.

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kevco334071d ago

I've still got my copy, but I'm calling my best mate NOW to tell him to get his ass downtown and pick up a copy! I bet places sell out before this weekend.

ndibu4071d ago

Not a big fps gamer but i'd be lying if i said i was not excited and tempted by this!
Was so ready for halo when i heard rumours of 3rd person odst halo...sigh

dangert124071d ago

i wanted this at release but never got it because of complaint's it's to short it's dlc etc and 2bf with you i do think it was worth the full retail price i never had any maps for halo 3 plus i've played shorter campaigns and firefight is great fun and just in time for the beta you though they would have a price rise lol

Captain Tuttle4071d ago

I saw it for $40 new at my Gamestop this weekend.

boodybandit4071d ago

selling it for 30 with free shipping in the U.S.
NE got it to me over night but I live 100 miles from their main warehouse.

DirtyLary4071d ago

20 on criaglist. Already got 3 copies for me and buddies.

AKS4071d ago

This looked like a nice expansion, but there was no way I was going to pay $60 for it. I'd buy it for a reasonable price.

divideby04071d ago

I have purchased every Halo game, except ODST..
At 40 bucks, I am thinking about it...but RDR is out in May and that is the MP game I will be immersed in for a long not sure

ATLGAMER4071d ago

Next month for me.....both on ps3

Enchalottashawty:.psn lets play games

divideby04071d ago

^ Unless something goes drastically bad in RDR...its gonna be the MP game that blows everyone totally away. Everything I have seen in the vids, just puts this game over the top. My only single concern is riding and how fluid it is...

BeaArthur4071d ago

Not surprising. ODST would have been better if there was matchmaking for Firefight. Hopefully the mode will make it into Reach and it will be correct this time.

darkgunner4071d ago

I agree.

I loved firefight but the lack of matchmaking was disappointing.

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