Ubisoft dismisses Splinter Cell PS3 rumours

Ubisoft has once again reaffirmed that Splinter Cell: Conviction is exclusive to Xbox 360 in response to rife rumours of a Sony version over the past few weeks.

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xabmol4109d ago

The more I think they are lying.

BeaArthur4109d ago

nix...agreed, can we just move on already. This has been going on almost daily for weeks now. Let me know when it's confirmed for the PS3 or shut up about it.

NOOBKILLA4109d ago

We all know that M$ paid Ubi to make Splinter Cell Conviction a timed exclusive. Which was a good move on M$'s part, SC: Conviction is an awesome game.

It's safe to assume that Ubi is under contract that they can't even talk about SC: Conviction on the PS3 until the timed exclusivity is over (just like 2K couldn't with Bioshock). SC: Conviction will probably come on the PS3 around Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Inside_out4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

No doubt...this game is AMAZING...I hope it comes out for the PS3...they deserve to make as much money as isn't perfect, but what is there is alot of fun....some of the best game play this gen...Best stealth/action this gen...The game is a big stealth/action playground....sold 500,000 in wk one, came out on a Tuesday...will have a steady increase as more people see/here about it...At the top in euro charts...Definitely coming to the PS3...question is when???....

Check out some vids available...IGN..etc...also, developers released there own walkthroughs of the stealth, one assault...worth a peek...Many reviews available...

Swiftfox4109d ago

The quote listed is a reads more like a reiteration, not an all out denial. They just mention that it is an exclusive to one console (Xbox 360) and will be coming on the PC next week. Nothing really about if it will remain an exclusive to one console.

I can't really believe any studio that states that they will be making a console exclusive title. This includes all 3rd party studios from Ubi to Square Enix. There is just too much politics and too much business involved to think otherwise.

Raul_74109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

This reminds me of Microsoft's GTA IV exclusive DLC!

and btw i played this game on my 360...its a good game, but no where near great! Previous parts were much better.

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THC CELL4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

Sony this game is very bad, not even a stealth game anymore.

i cant see why people want it
let x box keep it man

they would of been better off with a new rainbow six exclusive

Splinter cell lost it way after splinter cell chaos theory

Natsu X FairyTail4109d ago

How is the game bad? have you played it? you dont even own a xbox360.

THC CELL4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

What are u on about i have a 360 (THC PRITCHARD)

I was one of the lead players in Rainbow six vegas 1
My clan was THC ( trigger happy clan)

As i moved house i got a ps3 and cause it had free network i never saw the need to connect a xbox again maybe for updates and that's about it

I have rented some of the xbox games including splinter cell
and also i play games way before most people as i work in game
i have also played Alan wake and think its a good game for xbox
not the best but good
i think the guys who made silent hill should steal there engine

So get off my back

Xwow20084109d ago

is coming next month, how u got it?(leaked)?

thereapersson4109d ago

Don't worry, you'll get a ton of disagrees, even though 360 fanboys claim only PS3 fanboys slam the disagree button out of spite.

Oh, and since you talked down upon a 360 game, expect more animosity coming your way; ALSO despite the fact that 360 fanboys are quick to point out how much PS3 fans cry whenever PS3 exclusives are downplayed.

tripewire4109d ago

I played the demo and thought the same thng. I never finished a SC game, but I really enjoyed the time I did spend playing them. The demo was about as much time as I want to spend with Conviction.

Of course not liking a 360 timed exclusive means I also dont own a 360...

MaximusPrime4109d ago

I like all Splinter cells (xbox, PS2)

I would love to see this new one on PS3.

boodybandit4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

I myself enjoyed the game but was far from blown away by it. The UE engine is completely played out IMHO and I did end up being disappointed in a lot of aspects of the game. I completed it twice but only because I wanted to see how the AI would react/play on realistic difficulty and I completed Hunter mode on realistic to max out most of my weapons. IMHO I would give the game an 8 overall but I am a sucker for shooters and I dig Ironside.

The AI is pretty dumb at times. Stealth is next to none existant but you can use it if you choose to play that way. The story was meh/cliche, graphics were decent but nothing to brag about, sound was decent, voice acting was meh as well (Ironside originally didn't want to do this game and you could hear it in his deliverence), game over all was laid out nicely but the online modes are boring as hell and the game is not without some quirks and flaws.

Anyone that has me on both friends list would tell you I purchase a lot of multiplatform games for both consoles. If this game was eventually released on the PS3 it would not join that list. Unless of course Ubisoft made some tweaks, added some new modes and other enhancements worth while enough to warrant a purchase or even a rental.

You really shouldn't point fingers at who does or does not own a console when you yourself, like most overly vocal members on N4G, don't display your GT for XBL or PSN under your profile. You can gladly check mine and see just how far I got in SCC. I don't voice my opinion on any topic without having hands on experience with it. Prove to us your the same. What is your GT's?

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THC CELL4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

worst splinter cell ever
Ubisoft please go back to the old days

splinter cell chaos theory is well better than this
God u are only disagreeing with me on this game cause its a xbox exclusive

Ubisoft are just rushing games
they did the same with vegas 2
i was a big fan of ubisoft till that game came out

Bluemaster774109d ago

I honestly dont think its going to happen just as MGS4 did/will not even be on 360

gtamike1234109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

But MGS4 can't be done on 360 but Splinter Cell can be done on PS3.

DOMination4109d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction is only possible on Xbox 360. Ubisoft said as much a while back when they stated the PS3 couldn't handle the AI within the game.

ssipmraw4109d ago

lol and you believed them, seriously it can be done on ps3, its just some PR bullsh!t

IdleLeeSiuLung4109d ago

All this, it can only be done on one console is just PR bullshit. If you know anything about how computers work, you will know that.

TreMillz4109d ago

I'm pretty sure the PS3 can handle SC:C's AI. I've yet to hear what the PS3 can't handle. But anyways, Ubisoft I see SC:C on a PS3 case this fall, you really...really lost all your dignity. I bet it will be something like, "the division saw the potential in more sales, so they ported it over."...... C'mon, giva all the SC fanbs a game to play. People on all three sides will love this game.

Demons Souls4109d ago

You're right. Splinter Cell: Conviction is only possible on the 360. However, the PS3 only does everything (including making the impossible, possible).

gtamike1234109d ago

The best AI i've seen/played is in Killzone 2.

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THC CELL4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

xabmol the guys who made bioshock did the same as i remember

Kratos Spartan4109d ago

They accidentally made it for PS3. whoops!!

gtamike1234109d ago

The PS3 version of bioshock has higher res textures then 360 version.
Don't take my word for it check out the IGN review.

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