New Project Natal Ricochet images the avatars have color now.

1st high quality images of the new Project Natal Ricochet demo and for the 1st time you can see the avatars in multiple colors.

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whateva3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

and see that the avatars can be more than one color.

and why are they trying to hide the Camera we already seen it lol.

Edit: am I the only one that see that Big PlayStation Move Controller behind that white box? lol

Inside_out3150d ago

Won't see anything new till E3...same demo's over and over...E3 in June...Read somewhere that one whole day dedicated to Natal...will have to wait and see...

Chubear3150d ago

.. MS just has to show ANYTHING other than this game at E3 for Natal and it'll be deemed a success.

IdleLeeSiuLung3150d ago

Is it me or does it seem like the avatar has the same colored clothing as the person playing? At least from the pictures where we are able to see color on the avatar. If so, it would be pretty cool if Natal can recognize your clothing color and automatically setup your avatar.

DelbertGrady3150d ago

It's smart of MS not to play their cards before E3 like Sony has done. Makes the suspense and impact much bigger. The buzz and expectations for the Natal showing at E3 will be much bigger than that of Move.

MazzingerZ3150d ago

yeah...anything that MSFT shows that is not Ricochet will be a "WOW, they stole E3!!!"... feeding up people with the same and then making them happy by showing something new...psychology is called... Good for them!

gaffyh3150d ago

@Idle - No it's not, scroll down the page and you'll see different colours and different clothes, so it is recognising the person, but not the clothes.

I agree with everyone, MS needs to show another game already, this Ricochet game looks like it will get boring very quickly, but I'm sure E3 will have a lot of announcements.

STREET x KING3150d ago

There's a picture where two avatars are on screen, two players will be pretty cool.

superrey193150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

That game with two players will only result in someone getting accidentally slapped, kicked, or punched... and countless youtube videos of the carnage. Can't wait :]

Absolut_Turkey3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Do you honestly believe that Sony has showed all of it's cards yet? Lol. Do you think that Sony is new to this whole "video game" thing? Do you seriously believe Sony is going to walk into E3, the biggest video game industry show, without a few cards up it's sleeve? Do I really need to remind you that Sony has been in the video games industry longer than Microsoft? Soda, soda, soda. You poor delusional thing. That's okay, E3 will make it all better for you.

OT: Ricochet?! Again? I'm really trying to keep an open mind about Natal, but this doesn't help. Where's the feedback from developers? Where's the list of games?

avengers19783149d ago

Can they please stop putting "new" in front of these articles about Natal and the balls in the face game.

VigkVagk3149d ago

You guys need to stop complaining and speculating about Natal, it will be ready for E3 and its' release, Mircosoft would not release something half made.

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Mc Fadge3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

They have customised avatars in the program, instead of the blue male and female avatars we've already seen.

EDIT: Ooh, a disagree. Guess I must be seeing things. 5 here too huh... Surely it's not the same pers- No, couldn't be.

EasilyTheBest3150d ago

All the comments be soon flooding in saying, "Show something new, we are fed up with the same demo over and over."
Im well excited for E3, in fact if there were a ton of Natal demos already I wouldnt be so looking forward to E3. E3 is where we can all make up our minds about Natal.
E3 is only a few months away, consider it just LAG....

green3150d ago

I watched a wild life documentary and some people wanted to lure the hyenas away from an area so they tied a piece of animal carcass to their van, drove off and the hyenas chased them for over a mile before they stopped.That is how a Natal article is to them.The only difference is that as the Hyenas stopped chasing after a mile, theses ones keep chasing for months none stop.

Cenobia3150d ago

So Natal is like a dead animal beaten over the head a thousand times?

I enjoy your simile.

TreMillz3150d ago

But c'mon guys, your going on almost a year, with only 1 demo? Either Natal is trully gonna show its package at E3, or something aint right at the 360 division at M$ HQ.

IdleLeeSiuLung3150d ago

What's the point of speculating, then based on that making assumptions?

Just wait and make up your mind... if you already made up your mind then you just found your inner fanboy.

If you don't like motion technology and DON'T think you are a fanboy, then what you are you doing in a Project Natal article about Ricochet in the title?

DelbertGrady3150d ago

1 year.

Yet some people had no problem waiting 4 years for Killzone 2 and over 5 years for GT5. I have no problem waiting a month or two with that in mind.

TreMillz3150d ago

This is Natal, a hardware device that in some sense can be treated as a new console. Think about it, how would M$ or Sony look announcing 360 or PS3 is in development and for the next year and a half all you see in 1 game being showed for the console. People would think, "where's the other games?" But if it was a game we were discussing then yes I would agree with you, but then again not all people are patient. Alan Wake fell off the face of the planet until more news was brought up about it last year. To be honest, I almost forgot what Alan Wake was, same as Killzone 2, but not GT5 because prolouge released.

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peeps3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

In some of the shots the actions of the user seem slightly off in comparison with the avatars. this could of course be due to the speed at which the photo's taken, but in particular the second with with the kid; the avatars arm is outstretched to its side but the kids is bent and his hands level with his head

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