PSi: Hexyz Force Preview

PSi writes: "I've probably said this more times than anyone would care to count, but if it wasn't for Atlus, I probably wouldn't play my PSP nearly as much as I do. Not that I have anything against the system - but few "mainstream" games on the system are appealing. Oh, and there's that whole, "Control a 3D game without two Analog Sticks thing."

Hexyz Force is my current reason for picking up my PSP. Of course, playing another JRPG isn't new for me, but Hexyz Force is a bit different because it does something few JRPGs seem willing to do. Rather than trying to break the mold and bring in a completely left field mechanic like a dating sim or other bits of wackiness lurking in the hearts of JRPG developers, it pulls back and focuses on fun, accessibility and a great story."

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