Media Create software sales (4/12 - 4/18) - Top 50

Media Create has released an expanded listing of the latest best-selling games from Japan. Exact data for No More Heroes (PS3 and 360) has been revealed.

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Valay3101d ago

I still don't understand Mario Kart Wii's new success...

Redrum0593101d ago

GodOfWar3 in #20 spot in japan is pretty impressive.

GUCommander3101d ago

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is still up there that much? Really? :P

BiggCMan3101d ago

i want no more heroes paradise in the states NOW!!! that game is awesome on the wii, and will be even better on the ps3!! im curious to know how its like without the motion as well.

xabmol3101d ago

If you buy a Wii, you buy Mario.

Wii = Nintendo

Nintendo = Mario

Wii sales = Mario Sales

BiggCMan3101d ago

i have a wii, ive only bought galaxy, i played mario kart wii, it was fun but the previous were better. new super mario bros wii i think is boring. i do have brawl, but i dont really count that as a mario game, so not every single wii owner buys a mario game. theres close to 70 million wii's out there, and niether of the games have sold that much.

xabmol3101d ago

"i have a wii, ive only bought galaxy"

Thank you for proving my point. :)

TheColbertinator3101d ago

I bought a Wii for Zelda:TP not Mario.I bought a Gamecube for Skies of Arcadia:Legends.I bought an N64 for Goldeneye.I bought a SNES for Final Fantasy.I got a NES for Pac Man.


xabmol3101d ago

So you've never, ever, bought a Mario game for any of those systems? Ever?

vhero3100d ago

I dont play Mario Galaxy on Wii buy Smash brothers and Mario Kart are in my collection.. Without Mario Nintendo would have gone the way of SEGA back in the N64 days.

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xaviertooth3101d ago

ps3 dominated this week once again.

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The story is too old to be commented.