GameInformer: Hands-on With StarCraft II's Campaign

The multiplayer beta for Blizzard's upcoming RTS has been getting all the attention lately, but today GameINformer can share a rare substantive look at the story-based campaign. The three missions that Blizzard recently made available to the press showcase several of the ideas that drive the design of the single-player side of the game. Don't miss the videos embedded in the story and the high-res screenshots in the media gallery below.

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Redrum0593731d ago

first to comment...
maybe because no one is to interested in this article.

kissmeimgreek3731d ago

thats not really a big deal on this site...

xabmol3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

First to call the First-er an Idiot!



jdktech20103731d ago

spoilers in there of course....a few things I didn't know but I'll forget it by July/August

Can't freaking wait

spunnups3731d ago

Love a good RTS. This might be the first PC game purchase of mine in awhile.

Bilbo653731d ago

I loved the original SC and so far the beta is amazing, cant wait for full retail especially to see the awesome map editor levels every blizzard RTS has.

Starting to get super hyped like i was 3 years ago when it was announced lewl.

mephixto3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

"Blizzard's undeniable skill at crafting gameplay to go along with the story doesn't hurt, either -- these are some of the absolute best RTS missions I've played to date, and trust me when I say I play a lot of RTS."

Can't wait