Aftermath of Good Samaritan murder blamed on video games

Ex: "Another tragic death, another psychologist suggesting that violent video games are involved.

According to ABC News, on April 18th in Queens, New York a homeless man bled to death on the sidewalk while numerous pedestrians walked past. Most completely ignored Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax, 31, as he lay unmoving on the ground, bleeding from numerous stab wounds he had endured in the torso at the hands of a would-be mugger. One person rolled him over, saw the blood and kept walking. Someone even stopped to take a picture of Tale-Yax on their mobile phone before continuing on their way."

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Anon19743099d ago

If you grow up watching violent movies it doesn't mean you're going to leave a man to die on the streets. These people are just too absorbed with themselves to help out another human being.

Scumbags is right. They should track down every single of these people because they share responsibility in this man's death.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Myst3099d ago

I'm with darkride66 I've played and watched many violent video games and such, yet I do quite a bit of charitable things and do whatever I can to help if someone is down.

The main problem with society is just being self-absorbed as darkride stated. Not only that, but also finding that personal life goals are much farther ahead than another person's life especially if they are not family or even immediate family.

Sad state, but I guess that is how life is becoming. Though would I go so far as to track them down because they didn't save the man's life? Well who knows, a few I would though especially the person who took the picture that's just low...

UnSelf3099d ago

smh, only in nyc

sometimes it sux living out here. As bad as the homeless makes u hate riding the train, when did we lose our compassion to help our fellowman in need?

HolyOrangeCows3099d ago

Great, more people blaming video games for violence. I guess we're just so darn stupid we can't tell the difference between pixels and flesh anymore, right? DERP DERP DERP.

Luke...use the power of knowledge.

Noctis Aftermath3098d ago

This reminds me of the problems rap had when it started to get big.

ryuyasho3098d ago

Battle Angel Alita comes to mind... it's so sad that we're becoming just like the Manga, like if it was prophesied back in 1990. Media shouldn't be blaming Video Games, they should be blaming themselves for producing the garbage we see in TV, specially those "Reality" Shows which everybody in it are all for themselves, bashing the living crap outta each other... I mean WTF are they teaching to the kids(The Future)???

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Gandalf3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

So, were talking about the passerby and not the killer?

Man In Black3099d ago

The killer for obvious reasons, and the passer-bys for not doing a damn thing to help the guy.

Myst3099d ago

I remember this being discussed on a forum I usually visit. One of members had stated that it is perhaps the thought of 'Oh, someone else will do it.' going through the minds of those who pass by. As many people as there are in New York this could be a prevalent thing out there [not sure never been]. With multiple people passing by and doing nothing they are all probably thinking one of them will do something.

RosoTron363099d ago

Karma's a b!7cH. Those passerby will feel the irony when the time comes... That's just horrible.

BrianC62343099d ago

I blame the nightly news. They've been showing carnage and destruction for decades. They're to blame.

Then again, maybe New Yorkers just don't care.

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