EA's Future DLC Plans Raise Red Flags

Gamer Limit writes "That essentially means that they will be paying twice for some of the same content. With the already steep price of games, this will be a big turnoff for many. "

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overlordror3733d ago

I hate the way DLC has turned into a way for the developer to make extra money instead of supporting an already great title. Take a look at Valve, people. They do it right.

themizarkshow3733d ago

Completely agree. Another good example is Burnout Paradise, where they supported it for over a year for free and then asked for money as they continued. That's the way to do it... to keep people playing and stop them from reselling. NOT to just squeek more money out from us.

Blaster_Master3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

What are you talking about? Do you only play multiplats? I'm already on like my 4th free dlc on MAG, and even a few free maps for Uncharted 2. I think this is only a third party issue.

Inside_out3733d ago

These guy's are as greedy as it gets...plain and simple...Many people, including myself, download demos to get an idea of the game play...who would pay for that...the battlefield demo required people to sign in order to try it...WTF...

EA and Ubisoft have started these games in the hope of getting everyone's personal info so they can "better serve you "...all BS...Ubisoft wanted my name, address, email, male or female, date of birth etc...U-play by ubi a invasion of privacy...pretty soon you can only buy the game on line, never own it or resell it and pay full price for the and see...

Nihilism3733d ago

Gaming is dead, let us dance on the ashes of our favourite past time.

DLC, online subscriptions, DRM, online game registration. 8 hour single player campaigns, increasing game prices....

Koblec3733d ago

Crap, and here I thought EA was doing so well with the release of BC2. What a shame.. :(

MiloGarret3733d ago

How dare EA try and make more money to appease their shareholders? How DARE THEY!?!? Capitalist pigs is what they are, pigs I tell you!

Therealspy033733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

here you have of the biggest companies in gaming getting beat at their own bullsh!t games by activision. then, instead of realizing "hey, maybe i can get my popularity back by rethinking the mistakes i've made" because activision is the new bad guy, they compete to see who's better at nickel and diming the consumer.

i wish a lot of you would wise up and stop supporting these 2 giants. cut em down to size. there's an easy way to do it...stop buying their inferior, repackaged garbage.

blows my mind that crytek is with EA.

ArmrdChaos3733d ago

This is exactly what Sony did with GT5 Prologue. So I guess it is not just 3rd party companies doing it.

Blaster_Master3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Have you even played GT5P? Just wondering considering how ignorant your statement is. GT5P at the time looked better than any racer and pretty much every game out, had online for the first time in the series, and had a robust single player, and much much more. No dlc out even hold a candle to GT5P, but good try troll. Flame on. IM gonna go play some MAG.

jamesgtaiv3732d ago

...Dont buy it. I know the majority of people are spoiled and expect to be treated with the latest and greatest but these are the same people who will complain that they paid so much for xbox live or some DLC cost them so much when they are in no way obligated to buy the stuff. Its simple, if you want this BS scam they call DLC to go away, dont spend another cent on it. If you really want EA to go screw them selves, now is the time to say it by not buying anything they put up for download.

When it comes to products and services, the solution is always in your wallet.

hoops3732d ago

Valve should be the poster child for how DLC is done PROPERLY and without screwing consumers.

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Yuenanimous3733d ago

To be honest I kinda see what EA is trying to do. There have been a few game demos (usually multiplayer) that I played the hell out of, only to never buy the game because I had all the fun I was going to have in the demo. Hopefully these new demos will feature some sort of mode that allows for multiple play throughs.

Jorrel563733d ago

Yea. Just Cause 2 was that way for some

Redempteur3733d ago

darksiders demo was awesome .1h30 of pure awesome but if i paid for it i would have felt ripped ..Same with all the others demo out there ...

i don't pay for a demo ... i pay for a full game ONLY

Make me buy your full game by making a great demos ... Demos are marketing tools not for anything else ..

DangerCurtis3733d ago

I'm a bit weary of these types of things. Charging people for "extended demos" and then being charged for the full retail price of the game. On the other hand, it's an aggressive move and something worth applauding if it works out. Just seems like the kinks and details needed to be ironed out better.

NMC20073733d ago

Would you be saying the same thing if this were Activision instead of EA? I have this feeling that if this were about Activision this would already be 100 angry posts deep.

palaeomerus3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

1/4 the price of a new game for probably less than 1/4 of the content of a new game sounds kind of like a bad deal. Likewise if I do buy a PDLC then that same content is in the game when it comes out and if I buy the game then I pay for that content twice? Again, bad deal.

I think I will respond to this bad deal by not buying these glorified demos. They are a bad product that is not worth the money EA wants to charge.

hazelamy3733d ago

dlc and drm are starting to become four letter words. :(

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