MS: Halo Reach beta will revive ODST sales

CVG: Microsoft expects "a ton" of Halo fans to pick up Halo 3: ODST for the first time as hype builds for the Halo: Reach Beta launch.

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Sunny_D3150d ago

Kind of like Crackdown.

GameOn3150d ago

except Crackdown was a complete game and really good from what I've heard.

Foxgod3150d ago

ODST is also a complete game, and more polished then crackdown.
Crackdown is a nice game too tho, but acting like ODST is not a full game is equal to trolling.

GameOn3150d ago

ODST was originally planned as an expansion was my point. The single player was quite short from what I have heard.

I don't own it my self though but I have played a bit of the survival mode which was fun.

Foxgod3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Why dont you go and play the whole game, instead of acting like the trolling you read on n4g are true.

Its longer then DLC, but a bit shorter then most games.

3150d ago
tehReaper3150d ago

It's the beta to one of the biggest games this year. Don't start trolling.

Elven63150d ago

ODST was a good game but one worth $60? Hard sell, worth $40? A must buy.

Corepred43150d ago

just more people to be disappointed like I was. glad i just played it on my friend's xbox. whats up with you foxgod you sound like a butthurt little kid trying to defend something so bad! let up, just because they put a multiplayer in it does not make it a complete game.

Solidus187-SCMilk3150d ago

playing halo 3 multiplayer again is fun after not playing for more than a year. Im excited to play the beta.

GameOn3150d ago

I don't listen to trolls m8. I have spoken about it to people I actually know who own it and if they say it's quite short, it is.

Also I'd just like to add that I bet there is a lot of people out there that would be happy to pay £16 for just the beta. I myself will just wait for the full release.

Eamon3150d ago

In my opinion the ODST campaign was better than Halo 3's.

Halo 3 campaign was a bit of a let down. But the last level is epic.

How long will this beta be anyway? I heard Halo 3 beta was about 2 weeks. If that's the same for Reach that'd suck for me since my exams finish 3 weeks after the beta begins.

Abriael3150d ago

@dem0n: it's still a beta. It could be the beta of GOD, but this doesn't make paying for it anywhere smart when you're going to pay for the full game a little later.

If Xbox gamers are so starved that they need to pay for a beta, then I'm sorry for them.
Personally, as an all-platforms gamer, I definitely have no time for betas, especially betas I have to pay for. My "to play" pile is 13 games now.

Transporter473150d ago

i mean the gameplay wasn't that good, the story wasn't that good, all you do is go around collect orb things taht power you up n tahts about it i found the game kind of boring but then again thats just me

HolyOrangeCows3150d ago

I would have held off on Crackdown until it was cheaper if not for the beta. Crackdown was just too short.

Therealspy033150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

was a great game. a lot of fun single player. even better with 4 player co-op. plus firefight was a good time killer for a couple weeks. i don't think the game should have been 60 dollars...but i've certainly paid 60 dollars for a LOT less.

bottom can get odst now for 30 stop making excuses. it's totally worth 30 dollars, and i know a lot of ppl who'd be willing to pay more to get into the reach beta. i'm one of em...fortunately, i don't have to.

@abriael: it's entertainment. if you love halo, and are excited for reach, who's to tell you you shouldn't pay money for it just cuz it's a beta. it's a month of enjoyment for a lot of people. think about all the money most ppl spend to be entertained for much less bang for the buck. 90 minute movie...12 bucks. 30 minute hooker...100 bucks. 9 hour gow3...60 bucks. i can think of hundreds of examples.
so 30 dollars for potentially non-stop game play for 4-6 weeks is a pretty good deal if you ask me. not to mention that when the beta is still have odst (firefight ftw).

Abriael3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

@Therealspy03: Because as a beta tester you're offering a SERVICE to the developer by playtesting his game and stresstesting his service. If you pay to get into a beta, you're basically paying someone to work for him.

That's not "loving" a series. It's being a fanboy, and a guillible one to boot.

But it's always so funny when people mistake "beta" for "free trial" (and in this case it ain't even free).

SixZeroFour3150d ago

the amount of time it takes ppl to complete odst campaign depends on the individual(s) and how much they want to get out of it...a quick run through on normal or heroic can be done in 2-4 hours...on legendary, while looking for audio clips even on 4 player coop with a couple skulls on can lead up to 8+ hours

i heard gow was completed in 4 hours...are you gunna tell me its short? of course not, cause that was a run through and that player didnt WANT to ENJOY the game, just FINISH it...same is applied to ODST, and with firefight (as long as you have friends to play with) adds to the amount of hours spent on odst

there are much shorter games without any sort of multiplayer or even coop campaign that have been sold for full retail price and barely has been said about them, the only reason odst is getting this kinda treatment is cause its a halo game

tehReaper3150d ago

I paid 10 dollars for a beta key for LBP. Did I regret paying 10 dollars? No. I had a blast making my own levels before the game was out.

With ODST, you not only get Halo 3 multiplayer but you also get Firefight and beta access to Reach.

I think paying 35 dollars for that package is a pretty good deal. 60 was too steep for some, but now it's 35 at Gamestop(Used).

Therealspy033150d ago

it's 30 on free shipping. you'd have it in time for the beta.

and abriael: you're missing the point again. you aren't just paying for the beta. you're paying half price for a fun game that happens to include a lot more additional fun starting may 3rd. :)

STICKzophrenic3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

The same tired bashing of ODST is still going on.

ODST offers a lot more than other games that have released at $60.

Bioshock - Single player only, limited replay, $60.
Dead Space - Single player only, limited replay, $60.
Heavenly Sword - Single player only, limited replay, $60.
Assassin's Creed - Single player only, limited replay, $60.
God of War 3 - Single player only, limited replay, $60.
Ninja Gaiden II - Single player only, limited replay, $60.

Halo 3 ODST - Short campaign, but is action packed, four player co-op, Firefight, entire Halo 3 multiplayer experience, Halo: Reach beta invitation, $60.

If you don't like Halo, fine, but to say ODST isn't worth the price, when other games that don't have as much replay value cost the same, that's just ridiculous. The ONLY reason people talk about the launch price, is because Bungie announced they didn't view it as a full priced title. I believe that was before Firefight was planned for it. I don't know the specifics, but it doesn't matter to me because I bought the game for $60 and I got my money's worth out of the game putting in hundreds of hours into Firefight and playing the campaign numerous times.

-Alpha3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

I totally agree. ODST's single player was well liked. I can understand if they rushed it, but it was well made and just as long as many other games (bioshock, Heavenly Sword etc), WITH multiplayer and co-op.

That's more content than a lot of games.

It would have been nice if they made it an expansion if they wanted to win favor from the community but it was clear that this was a move by MS to set up Reach's beta.

I think the only people it wasn't worth the price to is Halo 3 players. ODST's focus was on the campaign. It's understandable people don't think it's worth it but I never heard so many complaints when games like Bioshock came out.

IHateYouFanboys3150d ago

ODSTs campaign took me longer to complete on hard than God of War 3, Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Heavenly Sword, and MGS4 (minus the cutscenes). but hey, its a 360 exclusive so lets just say its to short while excusing all the PS3 exclusives.

ODST was worth every penny IMO. with how good Reach is looking, the beta looks like itll be worth what i paid for ODST (which is $67 Australian dollars on day of release, which is just over half of the RRP of most 360/PS3 games btw).

badz1493150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

which GoW could be finished within 4 hours? the 1st one you mean? that is only possible with the "Dairy Bastard" costume AFTER you've beaten the Challenge of the Gods AFTER you finished the game the 1st time! that will take like what....10 hours or so! stop spreading FUDS!

edit: @IHateYouFanboys

you finished MGS4 faster than ODST on hard? MGS4 on the easiest setting you mean? - even that's already pushing it! and all the other games you've mention - uncharted, Uncharted 2, GoW3 except for Heavenly Sword, took only 5-6 hours? on HARD? you're delusional or just haven't played those games!

darthv723150d ago

Those who got odst and beat it most likely traded it in to gamestop and now they will go back to get a used copy only to find gamestop has inflated the used price to higher than it was last month (supply/demand) and then these people will play the reach beta and the beta will end and those copies of odst that got a second chance will then be returned again to gamestop.

YES that is one long run on sentence for a reason.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3149d ago

ODST came with a 6hr SP campaign, co-op, Firefight, forge, and Halo 3's multiplayer with 21 maps including 3 extra maps. While God of War 3 offered just a 6hr SP campaign and nothing else. Which is the real complete game?

IHateYouFanboys3149d ago


no, ODST on Hard took me as long to finish as it took me to finish the others on normal. maybe i should have been more specific, but it doesnt matter.

Halo has ALWAYS been one of the few games that is a genuinely different (and better) game on the harder difficulties, as instead of just upping the damage/health of enemies, it makes their AI smarter. God of War, Uncharted and Co. simply make the enemies do more damage, take more damage before being killed, and do the exact opposites to the player. thats not good game design, and is just done to artificially make the game harder through frustration. Halos difficulty levels get progressively harder because they actually change the way the game plays.

as it is, it took me about 9-10 hours to finish ODST, but less than 8 for Uncharted 1 and 2, 8 for MGS4 (taking away all cutscenes) and 8 and 3/4 for GOW3.

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PirateThom3150d ago

That's not a good thing...

And before anyone says it is, wise up.

Microsoft are implying people who didn't buy the game previously, now will for a beta.

GameOn3150d ago

Well it is only £16 now so people desperate to get into the beta are'nt getting ripped.

PirateThom3150d ago

It's funny how people will say they won't pay for demos, but Microsoft outright states people will pay for a beta and it suddenly becomes ok... what is gaming these days?

SpoonyRedMage3150d ago

Yes because Sony included the Uncharted 2 beta in Infamous out of the kindness of their heart and not in an attempt to increase sales..../s

ASSASSYN 36o3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

The real question is why do you care? People can do as they please with their money. Weather it is paying for a beta which isn't new or a demo which also isn't new. Buy a magazine with a disc in it you get demos and videos. Join file planet and you get demos and betas. So why not complain about those? <-Rhetorical question. Not MS.

GameOn3150d ago

I wont pay for demos but that doesn't mean other people wont. Look at GT5: Prologue.

Smkt3150d ago

it's not like MS suddenly came up with the idea.. they promoted reach beta access through ODST before odst came out..

Baka-akaB3150d ago


Beta access in a purchased game is indeed common and murky , but usually , you're supposed to get access for free at some point , or at least a select few does .

Having as sole beta access , the purchase of a game doesnt sit well for me .

Fine for those that do , but screw that mentality imo

Eamon3150d ago

PirateThom, go troll some place else. Geez, if people want to pay for ODST only for the beta, it's there choice.

I'd say MS would be stupid to have not included the beta in ODST since we know a good portion of the sales were just for that reason.

LOL, GameOn, I heard that from the amount of content GT5: Prologue, it could be considered a full game really. But I've never had a huge interest in car games so I don't really care.

Gamester1013150d ago

You realise content in GT5 Prologue exceeds that of the MAJORITY of games released on either 360 or PS3? There's at least 20+ hours in that 'demo'.

LittleBigSackBoy3150d ago

The UC2 Beta wasn't included in all copies of Infamous.

Brklynty13150d ago

Because the big difference between inFamous and Crackdown is, inFamous was a excellent game, it didn't need a beta to increase sales, crackdown drop to like $20 6 months after release or so. Unless that target that I saw the whole stockpile of it just wanted to get rid of the inventory.

Darkfocus3150d ago

only the first run of inFAMOUS had beta codes

badz1493150d ago

but to include inFAMOUS and GT5:P in this argument is kinda off limit!

1. not all inFAMOUS copies have the beta for UC2 and unlike ODST which is a short game with rehashed Halo3 maps, inFAMOUS is a totally new game! with both cost $60, you know how much a rip-off ODST was!

2. GT5:P IS NOT A DEMO! at $40, it has more contents than most racing games out there and that's telling you something! compare it with GRID or SHIFT, you'll see it having more cars than each them at $20 less!

3. multiplayer DOES NOT EQUAL to more contents! when will people understand? people trying to justify paying $60 for short games with MP is what driving the devs to keep producing them and charge $60 and then charge again later with DLC map packs!

IHateYouFanboys3147d ago

more content does NOT mean more play-time or more fun though, thats the thing.

"3. multiplayer DOES NOT EQUAL to more contents! when will people understand? people trying to justify paying $60 for short games with MP is what driving the devs to keep producing them and charge $60 and then charge again later with DLC map packs!"

no, but multiplayer does mean more replayability, and that equals value for money. ive personally put in over 200 hours in Modern Warfare 2, with 99% of that being multiplayer - and that DOES equal better value than if they hadve made the single player campaign 10 hours instead of 5.

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Jackel20723150d ago

yeah. from the used market. I bought it last week from GameFly for 18 bucks! (they want 35 at gamestop). heck of a deal for a great game.

Corepred43150d ago

gamefly is fwcking awesome, isn't it? i love it.

Faztkiller3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Gamefly is kick ass I got GOW 3 for $45 and Only had to wait 1 day extra

EDIT: BTW I plan to buy ODST from gamefly soon for MP maps and the beta

Dance3150d ago

11 minutes in and the trolling has started

palaeomerus3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Abriel is a small minded tool bag trying to stir up trouble instead of playing all those good games he thinks the 360 is lacking. The beta is pure awesome-sauce and the grumpy haters all know it deep down in their bones.

Abriael3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

I have too many great games on all platforms to play to care about a beta. Sorry if that gets your panties in a bunch, but paying for a beta when you're going to pay for the full game right after is simply silly.

Unfortunately the only small minded people are the ones that will waste time with a beta they will have to pay for, instead of playing the crapton of awesome FULL games the market offers :D

It's unfortunate that some people are so fanboyish that they will fall for this shameful marketing ploy. But after all one gets what he deserves.

hamoor3150d ago

"i have too many great games on all platforms to play to care about a beta"
then if you have ALL these great games and you dont care about the beta then why you are here?

ASSASSYN 36o3150d ago

I can not believe people are still complaining over what ODST was and is today. Get over it.

I was wondering if ODST sales would see a small spike.

GameOn3150d ago

It clearly was though. I mean It's like half the price now and the beta is coming. There couldn't be a better time to pick it up.