New scans of Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Two islands confirmed

4-page preview in the latest issue of the german GameStar magazine.Translation:

• Two-island confirmed: Ibiza has to share players with an improved and expanded Oahu. Oahu has been modified to fit better in this second Unlimited, and has many new roads, majority being new offroad routes. To get in Oahu you need to reach a certain level, as with Ford Island and the racetrack of TDU1. You'll travel by using an airport on each island. Completing Challenges, Cruise a lot, Collect many cars, houses and wrecks, and scoring on the Social aspects (friendcount, fellow clubmembers) is needed to reach that level.

• Houses are able to be explored on-foot by the players.

• Rain washes dirt and mud off the vehicles.

• Weather varies from sunshine and rain to grown-up storms.

• New vehicle confirmed: Lancia Delta Integrale.

• New handling/physics: shown by a demo-comparism between Audi TT (AWD) and Ford Mustang Fastback (RWD) which showed how players can now feel more of the true car's behaviour.

• New menu shows statistics of your character: the left side shows overall progression and characterinfo, the right side shows detailed progression on what has been collected, won, etc.

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PoSTedUP3729d ago

how is testdrive i haven't played any of the new installments but remember the ones back on ps1 were awesome.

CyberCam3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

First I'm, going to see what GT5 offers. That's the driving game I'm most looking forward too. But I will definitely keep my eye on this game.

P.S. I have to give you kudos there ASSASSYN 36o, I've been keeping an eye on your posts lately (after our little debate) and I must I'm impressed. I gave you a bubble after our last encounter but it hasn't showed up yet??? What's up with that N4G?


lol the last test drive i bought was test drive offroad 2, love that game

Hallmark Moment3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

TDU is my favorite driving game this generation. The game just does so much right and was before its time.

Driving around a huge area in cars you collect a number of ways had me hooked. Racing other gamers on the fly in real time because the world is populated with other gamers in real time was huge in my book. Buying homes or hanging out with your online friends in virtual hot spots was cool too.

Something was so cool about driving from the coast and over mountains all the way through a desert to the coast again with people racing you officially or tailing you the whole way in a car or a bike. I have not even opened all the roads.

The game is part SIMS- underground Car Club-high life.

Now to TDU 2.

I just don't understand how they have offered so much more with so much more polish. This will be my online racer of choice. I hope they improve the driving physics not saying the first one didn't have nice controls for a arcade racer in its time.

The first TDU was a fusion of what worked in all racing and driving genres. Probably the best casual online racer this generation.

Love the hot action of the races. You can race in single player matches or with any of the human population. Small winding roads or on freeways with traffic coming at you if you wish.

Now I want to pop in the game and take a drive in my Farrari Spider with the window rolled down with my favorite radio station blaring.

ASSASSYN 36o3729d ago

How was the first test drive? It was a driving adventure that literally. Street races would break out just like they do when you simply drive down the highway in real life. Someone passes you... you speed up... then your racing. You could make it an official race by flashing your lights.

Veneno3729d ago

you say TDU is your fav this gen, but what's crazy was that the 360 and PC versions are ports of the PS2 version. hell, there's even a psp version!! so that's why you may be shocked at the improvements in TDU 2 because this one will be a TRUE next-gen game. I 'm as pumped as you are for this!.

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Brixxer6003729d ago

Ibiza and Oahu is excellent news , TDU was brilliant and the only thing really missing from it was proper off road driving , looks like they're sorting that out this time , definite purchase for me on release.

PRHB HYBRiiD3729d ago


MaximusPrime3729d ago

Great news. Cant wait for this on PS3.

Loved the first one on Xbox 360. Brilliant game ever

FragMnTagM3729d ago

I am really excited to see some more info on this new iteration of it and I hope that anything that was lacking from the first is improved in this version.

I have fond memories of TDU. Did anyone get into the airport? There was a long backroad that led up to the airport and my friends and I would haul ass down that road, hit some sort of lump or bump and flip like crazy and hope we made it in. It was a hell of a lot of fun to get inside the airport.

Also, we used a car that basically had a ramp for a nose (Ferrari) and would take a motorcycle and jump the Ferrari on the secret island to get on top of the cruise ship. Man I loved that game!