Why The Future Is Bright At Infinity Ward

Over the last couple of weeks, especially since the announcement of Respawn Entertainment, a number of senior members of Infinity Ward have left the studio. Notable resignations from the Modern Warfare development team include lead designer Todd Alderman, lead software engineer Frank Gigliotti, lead animator Mark Grigsby, lead character animator Paul Messerly, senior animator Bruce Ferriz, and programmer Jon Shiring - many of which have already joined Respawn. This loss of talent is a good sign because it sends a strong message to Activision's executives that creative cannot be taken for granted without consequence. Hopefully this experience will humble Activision and change the relationship between management and creative at the publisher for the better.

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Sanrin3123d ago

There's definitely still a lot of talent there, just perhaps not big named talent.

mephman3123d ago

Yea, this gives some of the less experienced staff the chance to step-up and show the world what they can do.

The Slash3123d ago

But are they ready for it? If they aren't they could do some serious damage to the COD franchise.

mephman3123d ago

Who knows, but it will certainly sort the men out from the boys.

Nicholas Cage3123d ago

there turtles that are green and smelly kotick gtfo

Koblec3123d ago

"Why The Future Is Bright At Infinity Ward"

Lol, not as long as that SOB Kotick is still around.

rroded3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

even with the offered bribe quality people are leaving in droves. Lets jus hope respawn does better with EA eh.

Inside_out3123d ago

Everybody knows the top 10-15 guys at any company sit around and eat donuts and do interviews...Maybe the next MW won't be a rip off of Criterions FPS Black...something more original...

captain-obvious3123d ago

"The Future Is Bright At Infinity Ward"

thats a nice joke

pimpmaster3123d ago

hmm.. i dont think so, they lost all their talented guys this studio is going to turn into treyarch now. i cant wait to see what comes from respawn studios.

Boody-Bandit3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

with your 1st string (and some of your 2nd string players) out for the season before the first game is even played. It will take more than confidence and wishful thinking to fill the shoes of the talented people IW lost. Honestly I don't see how they will rebound from this.

I would love to have been a fly on Bobby Koticks wall when he heard EA was now their (Respawns) publisher. Talk about karma.

evrfighter3123d ago

they lost just about all their leads. Which usually translates to the most talented and experienced.

Don't know how that got spun into the future being bright.

evilmonkey5013123d ago

this articles title is pure flamebait.
but, hey were all here... right?

madjedi3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

The only bright side is either kotick learned to not say stupid disastrous statements or the pr team put a muzzle on the idiot, the article is too optimistic vs kotick past actions and kotick's statement is nothing more than bullsh*t pr damage control.

Opportunities at iw, somehow i am betting the working conditions at respawn will be a hell of a lot better than iw. Neither activision or kotick have learned any humility or being humble, if they actually were they would have already paid the remaining iw employees their bonuses/royalities.

unknownhero11233123d ago

the future will never be bright with people like kotick in the gaming industry. I get angry every time when i think about this but to feel better I imagine albert wesker and agent 47 beating kotick up with "La Donna è Mobile" playing in the background.

R_19933123d ago

CoD games probably wont be the same as they were before. As for whether that's good or bad for the series, well, I think we have to wait and see how their next game goes. Their remaining developers may have something different in mind.

I just hope Kotick learned his lesson. With all of this happening, the success of the next CoD game isn't guaranteed.

vhero3123d ago

Wont change a thing as people buy there games now based on name alone.

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The Slash3123d ago

I hope Activision has paid attention to what happened at Infinity Ward and have learnt they can't do whatever they want to developers and get away with it.

qface643123d ago

your joking right?
they didn't learn it the first couple of times i doubt they would start now

Redempteur3123d ago

i'm as pessimist as qface ...

Activision won't start to listen when some people are still buying their games blindly .. how many sheep bought the stimulus package ?

Activision executives won't hear anything while they are drowning in cash ...

evrfighter3123d ago

Unfortunately about 75% of the CoD fanbase probably has no clue about anything that went down at IW.

The studio name alone guarantees a few million sales on their next game. At least on the 360. IW's next CoD is set to compete with Battlefield 3 on the pc side so its safe to say the MW franchise is dead on pc.

It's too early to tell for the ps3. PS3 users seem to be a little smarter than 360 users. MW2 did sell extremely well so I'd imagine MW3 will break a million.

evilmonkey5013123d ago

well, anyone who has a PlayStation, for example, and that's 30+ million people.Fuc& timed exclusivity. It pisses me off so bad, I sold my copy of mw2 to gamestop, securing my non purchase of this future activision self stimulus.

I bought bfbc2 and Im much happier now.

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Coramoor_3123d ago

it's irrelevant until the next gen when another engine needs to be built, until then they just keep working off the current one

evilmonkey5013123d ago

They have 3 more games. That's it . franchise dead.

Trunkz Jr3123d ago

Change players on a Hockey team, you still have a good hockey team but will it be good enough to compete with the rest?

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