Why Linux is better than Microsoft

For desktop or home use, Linux is very cheap or free, Windows is expensive. For server use, Linux is very cheap compared to Windows. Microsoft allows a single copy of Windows to be used on only one computer. Starting with Windows XP, they use software to enforce this rule (Windows Product Activation at first, later Genuine Windows). In contrast, once you have purchased Linux, you can run it on any number of computers for no additional charge.

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tdrules3097d ago

can't wait to play all my games on there.

HolyOrangeCows3097d ago

Let me poor you a glass of WINE...

Is it perfect? No.
Worth not having to put up all of MS's crap? Yes.

morganfell3097d ago

With more evidence pointing toward Steam heading to Linux, it's just a matter of time until Wine will not be necessary.

Nihilism3097d ago

You realise that 99% of the games on steam are DX based aka they will not run on linux regardless of steam

captain-obvious3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

well if you want to run a server or program something
linux is te way to go since its faster and more stable

but the problem is Windows is more user friendly and easy to use
thats why evryone uses it since they dont know how to use linux

zagibu3096d ago

You are wrong, captain-obvious. People use Windows, because it comes pre-installed with their computers. Ubuntu Linux is actually easier to install and much more user-friendly than any Windows Distribution. You can even pop the disc in while running windows, and it will install like a Windows Program and you'll be able to remove it like any other Windows Program.

sid4gamerfreak3096d ago

WOW, microsoft and linux are different things. Like someone said previously, Linux - OS

Microsoft - Corporation

OMG, FAIL article

PS360_373096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I think they were going with a flamebait title to try and lure all the fan boys in.

As you can see, it is working. Now all the PS3 fangirls are taking the side of linux because MS is on the opposite side of the argument.

Isn't that right morganfell?

With that said, Windows 7 is is awesome, but so is Ubuntu. I have used both but prefer Windows 7.

mrv3213096d ago

I can't wait to have regular update, a open os, freedom, little cost. OH WAIT I was running a Microsoft OS... that'll never happen.

ProjectVulcan3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

This is a gaming site right? Well truth is many Pc gamers like to keep with the cutting edge, Many are playing with DX11 hardware on DX11 operating systems. OpenGL has fallen behind the past few years and Direct X is running away with developer support. Performance is also important(Lets be honest, its nearly everything on PC), as is regular driver updates. In other words WINE isnt the perfect solution for gamers. WINE is only merely 'ok' for games, clunky at best. Whether you really like it or not most gamers are better off running Windows.

JasonXE3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

You have to play with directx 8 with all the options to low to get the minimal fps. It still stutters when there is alot of people on the screen. Go on windows and i can put everything to the max with 60+ fps. Hence why i dualboot windows 7 and ubu.

sikbeta3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )


IF Valve is Heading to Apple, they'll make the DX-to-OpenGl Conversion, so there is no Problem...


I can't say much about [Linux] as a "Whole", I don't like how it Works, aka nerd-hippies (lol), but [Ubuntu] is Just Awesome, sure you can't Play "da Cryziz with da most powarful Graphicz evaar", but for everything else Works Great

·ṆO Viruses
·Almost Full Customization
·Great Support

morganfell3094d ago

No johnny come lately. I have always....always been a supporter of Linux. You are just late to the dance. I didn't just jump on the Linux band wagon. You are the one that is late and thought this was a chance to jump on PS3 supporters that also prefer Linux. You are in error.


Yes I know they are DX based. Duh, it's my job. But look for Valve titles to run under Open GL. They used to you know....Remember?

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mrv3213097d ago

As a long time Windows supporter, I first encountered linux when I dual booting, I didn't like it much... felt strange and foreign. I then put it on my PS3 still no love, and recently I dual booted 9.1 and Vista.... and I can't even go near Vista now. I DBANed my hard drive and effectively my Vista disk :P. And now I'm running solely off Ubuntu 9.1.

It feel wierd, but cool. In Vista the operating system worked for you, but Ubuntu youhave to work. You feel connected you feel like it's somehow cooler when you install something, when you go into terminal.

The UI is ten times quicker and better, I could get anywhere in seconds, everything is sorted and clean.

If you know what your doing Linux is for you, if not then.... I suppose you could keep with 7 or Vista. But in my opinion 9.1>Vista.

4 more days, 4 MORE DAYS! 10.04!

morganfell3097d ago

Exactly. Ubuntu is quite simply the superior operating system. The possibility that Steam is coming to Linx is incredible and a boon to the gamer that wants a sleek, fast, capable, stable, and free OS.

Finalfantasykid3097d ago

4 more days indeed. I'm going to format my partition and install the 64-bit lucid, as I am currently only running the 32 bit Karmic.

Eiffel3097d ago

My friend seems to favor Arch Linux, pretty good.

DSI3097d ago

Why does it appear that the same people that favor Linux over Windows are also that same people that prefer PS3 or 360, Any MP3 player over Zune, etc.

Could this be simply a coincidence no, I don't think so. Hater will continue to hate. Why you ask, because that's what they do.

Right Morganfell?

duplissi3096d ago


well isnt that a bit of generalization.... i prefer the ps3 over the 360 (have both mind you) the zune hd is actually a nice mp3 player (zune>ipod) in fact if my android phone wasnt such a kickas$ mp3 player as well (cubed is an awesome player)i would have a zune hd, and while i like linux more than windows i like win7 as well, i think win7 is quite the achievment for microsoft considering they dont always come out with such high quality stuff

El_Colombiano3096d ago

DSI is correct guys. It is no coincidence that all the shoddy products he listed come from Microsoft. Proof in the pudding.

livinwitbias3096d ago

Don't forget about the part about the haters. He got to part right also. You've pretty much proved him right on that

@duplissi - you make a good point, although I think DSI was speaking from a metaphoric standpoint when say the same people A are the same people B. But, you probably already knew that anyway, you seem to be an pretty intelligent guy. And with that being said I totally get where he's coming from.

Put something out there for people to hate on MS about, and you can bet your A$$ the haters will show up in bunches. This is a proven behavior witnessed best in it's native habitat...N4G.

edgeofblade3096d ago

"You feel connected you feel like it's somehow cooler when you install something"

And there it is. The crux of the entire argument for Linux: "I'm teh leet haxxor and your just a windows noob."

I'm sure if you can handle Linux, you get this inflated feeling of superiority. Good for you. But that doesn't translate into "better".

Cyorg3096d ago

I started out with Ubuntu, but if you can learn to install Arch, you get much more control over your system. It's also a rolling release distro, so once installed (run # pacman -Syu) and it'll update the distro automatically... I know that Ubuntu has sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, but with Arch you never have to worry about new releases (like upgrading from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04). Arch just does it quickly and automatically.

sikbeta3096d ago


4 More days 4 Lucid Linx?, WOW, I dind't Knew, Damn IT!

Karmic Works Freacking Great compared to Jaunty, but I got some tiny preblems with the Network-Manager and my stupid movile-modem, so this is Great News For Me


Try Ubuntu, you don't need to Ditch Windows, you can Dual-boot, Installation is easy:

1·Get a [Pendrive]
2·DD Ubuntu [Jaunty(9.04)/Karmic(9.10)/Luc id]
3·Run it on a Virtual Machine [VirtualBox is Free]
4·Use the First Option in the VM [Try Ubuntu without install]
5·Connect the Pendrive and enable the USB device on the VM
6·GO to System an Search the Option to Create USB version of Ubuntu
7·Close, Reboot, Press F8 and select Removable Device/Usb Device
8·Installation only have 6 steps

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Cylon3097d ago

Linux is poo compared to Win7.

sid4gamerfreak3096d ago

hey morganfail whats up? Oh ur trolling is quite obvious btw...
So you support linux (i bet u havent even used it) because ur against microsoft, right? So now all the ps3 fanboys will support linux even though they havent even used it and the 360 fans will support microsoft.

Ive said this time and again morganfail, PS3 fanboys like you make the ps3, an awesome console look bad.

Cenobia3096d ago

Wow, your comment is full of fail. First of all, how the hell did you reply to a comment thread that Morganfell isn't even in? He's in all three of the ones above you but your mouse somehow swerved around those comments and landed in a totally unrelated one?

Also, who the hell are you to say he hasn't used Linux? Comments like yours make people think you are a stalker.