Game Revolution: Def Jam Rapstar Preview

Game Revolution writes: "Imagine me – an Asian-American born and raised in middle-class white suburbia whose ears did not follow the new music of the '90s, but rather classical symphonies and Lite FM hits my mother played on the car radio – peering into the world of rap from behind red velvet ropes. There I was at Konami Gamers Night wearing a black flatcap, a blue The North Face backpack, and a polyester zipper sports jacket, about to step over the ropes and red carpet into a sectioned-off enclave of golden curtains, black leather couches, a bottle of champagne chillin' (literally and figuratively) in a bucket of ice, and model chicks with frizzy afros, slammin' hoop earrings, and hot pants. Out of place, surely I was. But man, was it classy."

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