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Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it can also lead to kick-ass rip-offs. 3D Dot Game Heroes is an unapologetic tribute to The Legend of Zelda, tempered with tons of NES-era nostalgia and refreshing, simple presentation. Without the distraction of forced innovation, From Software has successfully refined the classic formula to pure retro –gaming –bliss.

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FrankenLife3730d ago

And now the developers of Demon's Souls and Armored Core brings you Zelda(sort of).

I really want this game. It looks really quirky and fun. With the character creator being so customizable I wonder if there is an image capture function so you can show off your dude on the internets.

PirateThom3730d ago

From Software didn't develop this, they only published in Japan.

It's actually made by Silicon Studio and, as far as I can tell, they make middleware software solutions, this being their first game

Credit where credit's due.

DigitalHorror813730d ago

I have the import and it's FANTASTIC. I'm picking up the US release as well.

zoks3103730d ago

I can't wait for this game. They need a PSP version also.

Raf1k13730d ago

Yeah this game would be perfect for the PSP as well.

Redrum0593730d ago

and at a 40$ price tag brand new, thats a win win. its been too long since ive played an old skool style zelda game :)

Absolut_Turkey3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Pre-ordered and waiting. I can't wait to try out that character creator. So many ideas, so little time: Link, Kratos, Solid Snake, Jin or Mugen from Samurai Champloo, Cloud, Sephiroth, etc. Hell, I might just try and do a Master Chief just for $h!ts and giggles.

Edit: Or better yet Towelie from South Park!

presto7173729d ago

Its in a different category I feel. Its sad how these reviewers put it through the same fire that 60 dollar games go through. Its just not fair.

-Alpha3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Presto, how do you know that they didn't take the price into consideration? I've been wanting this game for a while but I saw Red Dead Redemption and have been dying to buy that even more now. I think I'll have to wait 3D Dot Game Heroes out. Not enough money for both unfortunately.

TreMillz3729d ago

At first I was a little iffy on it, but as time passed, I looked at this game in a whole new way. I'll be definately getting this game. Maybe not day 1, but soon after. Lmfao! The quote in my GI mag said, "You may not know this but, the Flame Temple is full of Raging Fire." Lol DUH!

kingdavid3729d ago

This game looks great. Very much under the radar and will be playing it alongside Alan Wake :)

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spunnups3730d ago

Game looks fantastic. I have to support unique games like this, which is why I don't mind paying full price. Yes it's paying homage but no, it's not a ripoff. Look deeper and you will see many differences.

Redrum0593730d ago

full price is 39.99. just saying, which makes this game more of a good purchase... unlike others who throw crap together and sell it at full price.

ReBurn3729d ago

$40 brand new? Day 1 for me, then!

-Ikon-3730d ago

You just dont get Gems like this on Xbox. PS2 Had crap loads and PS3 is starting to build some great gems. AL.DS,3DHero,Yakuza,Vchronical s etc

3730d ago
Redrum0593730d ago

you gays know gaming. good to see true gamers when i see them.

presto7173729d ago

He hasn't turned on his 360 in a while. he says its too hard to go back once you've been spoiled.

Redrum0593729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

"gays" lol, misspelled guys, dont know why but its not letting me edit my comment.

Edit: @above-
same here, had my 360 two years after launch, then it got stolen. then when i was ready to buy a new one, the ps3 dropped its price to 499-399. i was already going to buy a ps3 regardless but once the price drop hit, i had to buy it as soon as possible. since then ive never cared for rebuying a 360, i have the money but i just dont care for it. two games arent enough for me to buy a new 360(ME & ME2).

TreMillz3729d ago

Now this seems impossible to be a typo, because if I remember correctly, the A button and U button aren't even close XD!!!!

bjornbear3729d ago

i don't know why but i really LOL'ed =P were you being sarcastic or was that a genuine mistake?

nice one either way

and i agree, PS always have those "gem" like exclusives =D thats why i love it above anything else =)

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TANUKI3730d ago

While I do like the score, I can't help but notice that reviewers keep hammering in the fact this is "a rip-off".

The guys who created this game, AND Atlus already said SEVERAL times this game borrows ideas and pays homage/respect to other retro games. So, why do the reviewers have to keep hating on that aspect?

I mean really.. all games borrow from some other game in previous years/decades.

despair3729d ago

reviewers always look for reason to knock down gems like these. They probably know the intention of the developers to make a parody and love letter to games of times classic but don't care. Any opportunity to bash a great game like this and they take it.

This will bring back so many memories for me and many gamers, I can hear the overworld music right now, damn now I feel old :(

AKS3729d ago

No one with even a bit of common sense would see this as an attempt to pass this off as a completely original work. They have multiple loading screens featuring artistic depictions of classic games. It's clearly a love letter to The Legend of Zelda, which I decided to play again recently through Virtual Console on the Wii. 3D Dot Game Heroes even uses the famous line for Zelda "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!" before you get your first sword and shield. I saw it in a video of the early part of the game. It looks like an incredible homage to the original Zelda game. I love their sense of humor, as well as Atlus' humor in their hilarous "Natural Sword Enhancement" trailer.


But my money for PS3 goes for ModNation Racers, maybe Red Dead R too, because is not coming for PC.

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