TheGameFanatics: Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

TGF writes:

"It's your job to protect something so secret. There is only one problem though: one man is after you. This just isn't any other regular man though, this is Sam Fisher. Yes, that crazy-well-trained-guy-who-will kick-your-ass Sam Fisher. You know that he's there, but you only know his last known position. Before you know it, he killed all 16 of your teammates. You turn around in a full 360 looking for him. At that moment, he comes from out the shadows and bangs your head against a barrel to get some information out of you. Once he gets what he wants, he kills you. It's moments like this that will pull you into this game. You loved that little snippet, oh there is more to come. Enough of that, time to hop into the review."

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