Five Ways PC Gaming is Changing, For Better or Worse

Every other week, some "person" comes out with a huge story of how "PC Gaming is dying!" just to create controversy and fear. They look at NPD numbers, high hardware costs, and piracy counts to convey the image of death and destruction. PC Gaming is growing and changing, not dying. But in ways people are not paying attention to.
Here's why...

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Anon73493101d ago

Although I'm Mighty God Race owning both PS3 and PC.

SaiyanFury3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Me also. I'm a PC gamer as well, I'm a longtime PlayStation gamer, and I buy about 95% of my games. I don't advocate piracy, but when companies resort to draconian measures to try to reduce piracy and in turn punish legal buyers, I will advocate it every time. This statement really stood out for me, "If you think a certain publishers DRM scheme is too much (Ubisoft), then don’t pirate the game!".

If you think DRM is too much, then don't pirate a game? I wanted to buy Assassin's Creed 2 for my PC, but when I read that I needed an completely stable and permanent internet connection, which I do not have, that killed it for me, and a purchase for Ubisoft. My internet connection repeatedly disconnects and I routinely have to maintain my network for my internet connection to even remain remotely stable. In that, I cannot buy Assassin's Creed 2 because my standards cannot meet Ubi's DRM. Sorry, that quote above is backwards. It's not that I disagree with measures to condemn piracy, but when draconian measures punish us potential buyers, we seek other means of attaining software.

BrutallyBlunt3100d ago

Well if you're a Playstation gamer and don't like the new DRM then buy it for your PS3, simple as that. So when I read "we seek other ways of attaining software" that to me means you are looking for any excuse to pirate the game.

I myself have thought about getting into PC gaming but I'm not one who wants to spend my time 'tinkering' with the hardware. I just like to buy a game, plug it in and start playing. I hear Steam is very simple so that could be enticing enough for me.

One big problem IMO that exists on PC gaming is advertising. You don't have companies like Nintendo and Sony who will spend extra money to advertise to get us to buy the hardware so that we can play the software. Sure Microsoft may have PC and Xbox 360 on their commercials but it's clear they are more concerned with the console gaming market.

ATi_Elite3099d ago

I Do not like Piracy and Piracy is Stealing but when someone buys a game and gives it away for free, that my friend is Not Piracy morally or technically. So STFU about it.

DRM and sucky games are the main reason people use alternative ways to get games. I saw not point in paying for GTA4 PC when it was a horrible port with bullcrap DRM. My friend who bought it gave me his copy and that's not pirating so STFU.

I have now bought 5 copies of Battlefield Bad Company 2. 1 for myself and 4 as gifts. So I support good games only.

Great games will sell very well and make a profit. Crysis looked great but was a boring game and that's why it didn't do the numbers. BBC2 PC has already surpassed Crysis and Warhead because it's a flat out better game (I have yet to play the single player)

You want better PC game numbers? Count the Digital Distribution Sales because most Pc gamers don't buy hard copies. Also how about you make better games. My current rig and my new rig can launch the space shuttle and are about a decade ahead of any software being used on them. It's like owning a Ferrari and driving it in a go cart race. The Software needs to push the hardware.

I have friend who has a HD 5970 crossfire rig. Complete Overkill as nothing he does even justifies this much power as the games just don't measure up to our hardware.

SaiyanFury3099d ago

@ Levelhead

I got the game (AC2) for my PS3 on day one I'll have you know. I wanted the game on my PC because my PC far outperforms the PS3 in terms of just about everything. I can play the first game at 60FPS at 1680x1050 with minimum 4xAA with ease, something to which the PS3 version (also of which I own) cannot lay claim to. I did not download download AC2 or pirate it in such a way. I due actually want to purchase it, and if I can find a crack or something online that would circumvent the draconian DRM, I would go that way rather than doing something vile like committing piracy.

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sid4gamerfreak3100d ago

PC Gaming > Everything else.


HolyOrangeCows3100d ago

People who enjoy Uncharted, Halo, Mario, or etc are in full right to disagree with you.

Ironfungus3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

"Piracy Is A Real Problem"

I don't believe in pirating games. But this is far from the problem. The REAL problem is crappy developers making crappy games which appease the masses, but in truth, the "masses" aren't real gamers looking for a work of art. You get more money (I guess?), but you make a game that is a piece of sh**, and the casual bottom-feeding "gamers" don't know the difference. THAT is the problem, and THAT is why people pirate games. Because they don't think $60+ is a suitable price for a game that lasts MAYBE five hours. I don't care if some people like multiplayer games, but if the ENTIRE INDUSTRY is going in that direction making ONLY MULTIPLAYER GAMES with no effort what so ever anywhere else, count me out of gaming from now on.

"Indie Means Something Now"
Actually, yeah. I agree. Independent developers are gaming's only hope. God knows today's top companies (*cough* Infinity Ward) don't know what the hell they're doing. But that was apparent since Call of Duty 2.

"The Casual Market Will Drive The Industry"
Let's hope not, because those sons of b*tches were the ones who ruined the industry.

Overall I agree with what he had to say. But I sure wish those Indie companies start caring about making real games, rather than quick buck games.

kesvalk3099d ago

long live Cave story, Eufloria, Braid and Company of Myself

i am really tired of mush of the big budget games out there...
it's so much copy pasta that it disgusts me...

Lich1203100d ago

I wonder if the guy who wrote this knows that the Unreal Engine is essentially free now with the release of UDK. Its not a full license, but nearly, and pricing for licensing can be handled post game creation which is amazing for indie developers.

Letros3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I've been a PC gamer for 15 years now, and am very happy with how PC gaming is today, it's always been a niche market, but now it is very broad and accessible to anyone. It has variety, I enjoy indie games just as much as I enjoy a good FPS(or a killer indie fps! Tripwire anyone?), but what really reels me in is the unmatched competitive multiplayer experience.

Remember, all video game tech originates on the PC platform, it paves the way for everything.

chak_3100d ago


I'm glad I sold both my 260 and ps3, that way I have more time for my games on PC.

dawn of war, king's bounty, bad comp 2, gta or whatever. I just don't have enough time anyway

I don't hate console or whatever, I just prefer PC for its whole, flexibility, mods, hardware, multi task, m/kb, graphism...

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