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"Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is one of the most critically acclaimed games to release last year and perhaps of all time. As much accolades and awards the game has received for its fantastic single player story, the multiplayer is by no means any lesser of an experience. Even as their first effort at crafting an engaging multiplayer component, Naughty Dog has succeeded in translating the thrilling campaign experience into a riotous online world of rival treasure hunters. Naughty Dog's continued support for Uncharted 2's multiplayer in terms of downloadable content packs not only stands as a testament to their dedication for their game as developers, but also has helped the community grow since the game's release back in October last year." - Just Push Start

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Redempteur3125d ago

i have to agree that siege is a variant of survival BUT in survival i can stay in one place for the 10 waves ....not in siege ...

that alone is way harder ...

Christopher_Walken3124d ago

I actually found Siege mode to be easier than Survival.

Acquiesc33124d ago

Yeah, it was mentioned that the major difference is that you're holding multiple territories with some harder to defend than others.

And I agree, I found Siege slightly easier than Survival - a lot of it has to do with being near each other within a territory so it's easier to revive/rescue your team mates.

N4BmpS3124d ago

I'm going to try to get this one of these days after I pay my bill I guess.

Redrum0593124d ago

and been enjoying it ever since. ive got to say that naughtydog is doing a good job of keeping its fans entertained for months after months. And lets be honest here guys, its not common to come across a game with good graphics, good lengthy campain, good story, and a realy good online mode all in one. many games out there with good campaigns but mediocre online, good online with short and boring campaigns, but both, there are only a few.

clintos593124d ago

This is a HUGE REASON why Uncharted 2 won the most awards of all time because like the gentleman above me wrote. UC2 is a great expirience with not only its single player campaign but the online multiplayer is also a great expirience aswell. It might not be the best online multiplayer but its good & fun enough to keep fans coming back for more. Im definitely going to jump back onto UC2 when I get my own cable connection, this dsl connection sux azz especially if your connecting wireless.

bjornbear3124d ago

I'm not a big U2 MP gamer but i pop in and out a couple of times a week and its always a blast!

I guess I enjoy it because I have a knack for it as well but its easily something I see myself repeatedly jumping into in a year's time, just like LBP =D

this isn't the case with KZ2 and BF:BC2 where its in waves...some times I play for weeks on end...then I just don't at all, then repeat.

2Spock3124d ago

Been enjoying since day one huh? That's odd cause everyone was complaining of how the maps wasn't showing up the first 2 days. Played about 4 hours total in the first 2 days and did not play a new map once.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__3124d ago

...HARD!!! ;-o

||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

AKS3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I've found the difficulty between Survival and Siege varies far more by who you play with than the actual modes themselves. I kept getting some random knuckeheads in survival who would travel to the opposite ends of the map, so predictably they would each get injured and I couldn't save them running from one end to the other every f***ing time. And of course they didn't use mics to communicate and wouldn't listen to any input I gave. I actually won the first few rounds basically by myself after those two died very early in the round, but I'm not good enough to play through all 10 waves like that by myself. The difficulty is reasonable for both modes when I play with teammates who know what they are doing. It's not that difficult to get through all 10 waves of any of the modes with friends who use mics except on Crushing, and that's supposed to be tough.

I'm pretty satisfied with the expansion. Naughty Dog has definitely impressed me with their online efforts. It's hard to believe it's good as it is considering the previous game was strictly single player. They seem like veterans of online gaming development already.

supremacy3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

That's left for this game in terms of multiplayer(I strongly and personally feel) is a few minor tweaks and enhancement here and there.

Like enhancing these co op modes by increasing the number of players from the standard 3 players on screen to 5. This will add more depth and would actually( if succesfully pulled off) add more fun as more friends can join in and be part of the experience all together like they would in a plunder match or team death match.

Another thing would be a free for all mode(in halo terms lone wolf)this again would add more depth and another demention to this game.

Lastly but not least, naughty dog should consider adding a system which handles filling up empty spots in which players quit in. Instead of say decreasing the number of kills in a match from 50 to 40 or even 25 when a number of people quit a match. Those players should not only be penalize for quitting but also simply replace on the fly by others waiting to join a session regardless of the number of players whether or not the session just started or is already in progress.

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