EA Takes Back #1 Spot From Activision, Death Of Duty HipHopGamerShow 4/25/10

1. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Possible Natal Features
2. John Carmack Gearing Up For A Surprise Announcement In June?
3. Splinter Cell: Conviction - 9 Out Of 10 (Buy It Now)
4. Modnation Racers Interview - New Details
And Much More

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mrv3213097d ago

I hope so, EA has done some good stuff recently like Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Brutal Legends and Bad Company 2.

Cylon3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

They've actually suffered (financially) as a result of investing in those games.....

mrv3213097d ago

Which is a real shame.,.. I wonder why I got disagrees? Who here would rather get 'GH 24:9 good song, but the rest online' or 'MW2, we'll fix the bugs when we charge too much for DLC'

La Chance3097d ago

Big up to HHG, keep doing your thing.

deadreckoning6663097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Another good show HipHop. Man, I hope Conviction ends up on the PS3. Can't believe someone had the odasity ta say there gunna do somethg to u at E3. I guess people feel safe behind their laptops =P

@Haters- People disagreeing with no brave /s

ryhanon3097d ago

I think the disagrees are because you said "another good show" as if HHG has ever had even a single good show.

Nebulas Zero3097d ago

@Cylon: True. Dead Space sold more than a million but if Bayonetta wasn't a success with the same number and was on 2 platforms, then it must have been worse for DS that was on 3. Don't think their second title, Dante's Inferno, did so great either.

All Tim Schafer games have a reputation of being under dogs at the sales counter. Mirror's Edge didn't sell well either. Bad Company 2 has been seeing some good sales recently, and I hope it serves as good enough encouragement for DICE to keep making games in their particularly quirky style.

EA also saw good sales numbers Left4Dead (though I don't know about the second) and Spore. EA's strength is the number of unique IPs it has versus the few yet the flush franchises of Activision.

starvinbull3097d ago

I was a bit surprised how he described Activision's catalogue as the music (hero) games and MW1&2, totally leaving out Blizzard and WOW.

deadreckoning6663097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

"I think the disagrees are because you said "another good show" as if HHG has ever had even a single good show."

But if that were true, then y are people who don't like the HHGS clicking on the very thing they dislike????

"I just came here to vote down idiots like yourself that support him"

Thats the thg. Are u THAT sensitive and bored with urself that u need to vote down people who support a person that simply doing what he loves and not affecting you one bit?? just showed everyone here with that statement that you don't have a life haha.

ryhanon3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

This whole "you clicked on it so you secretly like it" argument doesn't hold any water. I wonder if this is what goes through HHGs head whenever he gets hits. It seems he'll take any attention whether it's positive or negative, just so long as somebody is talking about him.

To be clear, I didn't follow the link to his site, I just came here to vote down idiots like yourself that support him. If you like HHG so much just add his site to those you regularly visit and keep him away from the rest of us.

** Actually dead, it does affect me, and lots of others. It wastes our damn time. It clutters the main page and gets in the way of *actual news* and *interesting articles*. It's ridiculous and it has to stop. So yes, I'm just trying to shut you idiots up so all of us hear less from you.

DaTruth3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I always know the HHG show just from the pure ridiculousness of the title. And considering how many ridiculous blogger articles are on here, that is saying something.

No hate, just something I noticed!

@Above: There is a saying; There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Karum3097d ago

I tend to leave out Blizzard and WoW when I think of Activision too, the reason is that Activision had nothing to do with WoW or Blizzard until they merged. I wouldn't be going out of my way to credit Activision with anything that has come out of the Blizzard side of things.

bnaked3097d ago

If you think the show is stupid, then don't watch it and shut the f*ck up!

I'm always looking forward to sunday, to see the show. And holy hell, i'm a rocker from germany, and i like his show! It's because i'm interested in gaming and his show is always interesting.

HipHopGamer, keep it up and i can't wait for your E3 footage ;-)

3097d ago
bnaked3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )


Only absolutely stupid people would do such things. That's all what i can say to your ridiculous comment..

starvinbull3096d ago

You're right but HHG did mention Burnout as an EA game so I felt that It was a fair point asking why WOW wasn't also brought up. It is basically the most lucrative game on the planet.

3096d ago
BattleAxe3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Who the heck was it who said that they would punch out HHG at E3? Bunch of f*ckin clowns, get a life.

@ DaTruth

Its funny that in every single HHG article you like to ell everyone that you always know its an HHG article by the ridiculousness of the title. Yo STFU twirp, get a life.

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Dylantalon13097d ago

another good show from HHG. thank you HHG for catering to gamers every sunday and doing your best to entertain us.

knight6263097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

They will always be haters just keep doing your thing Hip Hop Gamer. I cant wait for E3 hopefully this year i could go to the Sony Conference this year

and for Ghost Recon with natal it sounds like endwar but more with your own words then the games...we will have to wait till E3 and see what they going to show us. i hope the wait is worth it

starvinbull3096d ago

I doubt HHG actually knows what the developers of Ghost Recon are doing.

He has been known to exaggerate, though in truth the Ghost Recon devs should be doing exactly what he said they are as they should also be introducing extra precise Move support. I hope they do both.

Cylon3097d ago

Your subject is misleading, ActiBlizzard is still bigger than EA and is still raking in more money than EA.

R_19933097d ago

If you actually watched the video, you'd know that he actually said they were leading in terms of video game quality.

ryhanon3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

And if you had any common sense you'd understand that it's a misleading and sensationalist title designed to do nothing but draw negative attention.

If game quality is the criteria for the #1 position being discussed here, then Activision never occupied the #1 spot for EA to take.

3097d ago
3097d ago
duplissi3097d ago

yeah, quality!? activision nor EA ever had the #1 spot as far as quality goes- despite eas massive improvements over the last couple of years im not sure who is, but based on my expirience sony has been on a roll with all the games they make/publish lately.

ryhanon3097d ago

What exactly has he "achieved" in his life that is so amazing I should kneel down and kiss his ass? He's a clown with a video camera. If you think uploading a video to the internet is some great "achievement" then you really need to get some perspective in your life.

R_19933097d ago

I never said it wasn't, did I? It's sensationalized, yes, but you should at least watch the video to see what he means by it. Back in Primary (Elementary) School, teachers teach you to make your titles 'catchy', and it happens in news all the time, why shouldn't it happen here?

Sure it might not be right, but HHG isn't the only one to do it, is he? I think it's pathetic people like you start nitpicking about small details like this.

ryhanon3097d ago

If only they were simply "catchy" it wouldn't be a problem. HHGs titles are misleading at best, more often they are flat out lies.

R_19933097d ago

How exactly is this title misleading? If someone came out and posted a 'Sony is winning the console war' article, would you not think it would use software as a main argument to support it's claim? It's the same thing here. He said EA took the crown back from Acti-Blizz and We all know the competition between the two super-publishers. Frankly, software quality is the only argument I can think of by looking at that title.

If we were talking about his titles in general, then yes, his titles are misleading at times.

To be honest, I think this weeks episode is different from the previous two weeks'. It seems a little more down to earth, and uses more facts, rather than his usual 'inside' sources.

DaTruth3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I disagree. Unless they changed their accounts, it is a whole bunch of different people b1tching this Sunday!

Every Sunday the straw breaks another camel's back!

@R1993: You can't really expect them to contribute to it by watching the video. I'm sure they've been burned in the past and that is why they feel the way they do. They would be giving him exactly what he's looking for!

duplissi3096d ago

"@R1993: You can't really expect them to contribute to it by watching the video. I'm sure they've been burned in the past and that is why they feel the way they do. They would be giving him exactly what he's looking for!

EXACTLY..... bubbles to you my friend.

DelbertGrady3096d ago

Spreading lies & fake news is not the same thing as being 'catchy'. That's probably why most people here do not like him. He fabricates lies.

I don't like the fact that he twists the words of respected developers like Bungie and Insomniac. They've contributed with so much more than he has.

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tdogchristy903097d ago

after the glitch fest of mw2 and with all the people leaving at activision.....

EA coming out with Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor on the way. As it stands right now EA is definately on top compared to activision.

I can't wait for Medal of Honor....we've been in the war on terror for nine years now, I'm excited to see some modern war games based on reality. i.e. the medal of honor afghan missions. I'm a history major so just like with our ww2 and d-day games finally something based on real events! CAN"T WAIT!