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Monsters (Probably) Stole my Princess is a funny game but does not have enough depth to really warrant a purchase. The campaign can be completed in about 10 minutes and past that, it's much of the same throughout all the other modes. It is really too bad because the game has a good premise. If it only had a bit more depth and possibly a bigger release platform (PSN, probably) this title could have been so much more.

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callahan094107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

Are you freakin' kidding me? A 2 out of 5? This game deserves much more respect than that. The humor is well-done, the level design is good, the graphics are really nice to look at, the music is catchy, the mechanics are unique and simple and tough to master and familiar all at once. So it's a bit short, there's a lot of prizes to go after and high scores to strive for, and the replay value is there. It's not like this is an expensive game or something. 5 bucks. It's cheaper than lunch at Burger King for god's sake, and it definitely sticks with you longer. A score of "2" is just unfair to the work that these developers have accomplished. The controls are spot-on, the graphics are gorgeous for a Mini, the overall presentation and construction of the game are well-deserving of praise.

callahan094107d ago

I am quite curious who disagreed and why? Please submit a comment in response to mine. Who has honestly played this game and thinks it's below average? Compare this game to other 5 dollar games and especially to other PSP Minis. It's clearly deserving of the kind of praise it's gotten from likes of IGN. This score is just unfair to the developer.

DelbertGrady4107d ago

"The campaign can be completed in about 10 minutes and past that, it's much of the same throughout all the other modes."

A lunch at Burger King lasts longer.

RecSpec4107d ago

Sure, compared to other minis it's probably a 4/5
But compared to other games? Come on.

Seriously, 10 MINUTES!! After that, well, you can try to beat your high scores, or try to get gold in everything to unlock the scrapbook.

callahan094107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

First of all, SodaPopinsky I would bet my life on it that you haven't played this game. Second of all, it took me about 30 minutes to beat it, not 10. Third of all, I've put more than a couple of hours into it already, because of a little thing called REPLAY. Just because I beat it doesn't mean that I can't go back to it again and again. Beating levels for the maximum combo is quite challenging. How long does it take to "beat" Tetris? I can start and complete a game of Tetris in 30 seconds or if I do pretty well maybe I'll last up to 10 minutes. But am I going to NEVER play again? Of course I'll play again, because it's a GOOD GAME. Because it's FUN. I have yet to complete a single level in M(P)SMP with every single platform hit and no mistakes. It's a definite challenge. And I can eat a burger and fries in about 5 or 10 minutes. So yeah, this 5 dollar download has lasted me significantly longer than a burger king hamburger and french fries.

From the IGN review:
"It’s funny, pretty, and addictive if you love platforming. If you’re mad enough to try and unlock every medal and nail every level, you’ll be playing this one for quite sometime."

But this 2 star reviews, THAT'S one the that you're going to say is the truth about this game. Why don't you be a gamer and not a hater. If you gave this game a chance, maybe you'd see just how charming and fun it can be.

wiggles4107d ago

Soo callahan09 what's the final word? You think it's a good buy? The IGN review got me going...but this review seems like the IGN guy was on crack

callahan094107d ago

Oh it's definitely a good buy.

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ps3gamerkyle4107d ago

Only 10 minutes? Jeez. I know it's a Mini, but as Kevin Butler would say: "C'mon!"

kvg884107d ago

Bought this the week, its crazy addictive - can't solve it in ten minutes either, because you can't even play the last stage until you get gold on all the other ones. That's something that takes finesse, something you can't garner over a ten minute play through.

Besides, its a freaking mini that costs like $5 - how much content do you want for such a low price?

RecSpec4107d ago

For one dollar more I could get a PSN classic.

For three dollars more I could get Patapon 2.

This game should not have been more than 2-3 dollars.