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Yakuza 3 has just been released, but many missed the previous chapters of the series and might be wondering if it's worth their time to play them. Classy Gamer analyzes the first game of the Yakuza saga, it's strenght and weaknesses in relation to both the PS2 era and to today's gaming.

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Saeveth3151d ago

I may have to pick this up now. It can't be too expensive, I'd think?

Abriael3151d ago

In most places I've seen it for about 20 bucks. But if you look for a preowned copy at a Gamestop I doubt it'll be over 10.

Transporter473151d ago

wish it was on japanese with subs like Yakuza 2 n 3, those games are superb

Abriael3151d ago

Yeah, the english voice acting is decidedly poor. Unfortunately the english subtitles on 2 and 3 are just as poor, but at least the Japanese audio makes them less grating.

SaiyanFury3150d ago

The original Yakuza game is indeed great. The funny thing about the decidedly wonky voice acting is that all of the main voices in the game are those of celebrities. I'd rather they just leave the Japanese dialogue track intact. Personal thought there.

Abriael3150d ago

The problem with the voice acting is the usual: even great actors won't do any good when they're badly directed and hurried (to save money), or with a bad script. And goodness, the english script of Yakuza is a REALLY bad one.

dc13150d ago

As a side note -
If you have not picked up Yakuza 3, I highly recommend that you move it up your purchase list.
- Fantastic Story
- More than enough Mini Games
- Side missions galore
- and lastly, a very good recap of Y1 and Y2

Money well spent -

Abriael3150d ago

I agree. Mind you, i almost feel dirty inside advising to get a game with cut content, but there's very little argument here, While cutting content is unacceptable and shameful, and Sega shouldn't be rewarded for it, the game is still fantastic.