Halo: Reach beta footage analysis

The game's visual make-up is similar to that of its predecessor: a mixture of indoor and outdoor environments, with the latter looking considerably more impressive than the former. The resolution boost over Halo 3 is immediately obvious though, as are the truly impressive lighting and particle effects.

The results? Similar to Halo 3, Reach performs admirably in maintaining 30FPS. Similar to our last analysis of the alpha footage, we do see the occasional, pretty severe drop down to 20FPS. However, the vast majority of these drops appear to be occurring outside of the first-person perspective, so maybe not a part of the gameplay experience. Perhaps it's a spectator camera? We'll find out for sure shortly when we get hands-on.

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GenghisKhan3725d ago

this must be the alpha version because the graphics look worse than failo odlc.

jack who3725d ago

and sum how this guy has 6 bubbles lmao

DelbertGrady3725d ago

Most PS3 trolls have lots of bubbles. It's the hidden rule of N4G. Be PS3 biased and you get more bubbles.

mrv3213725d ago

I really can't answer you... it probably has something about getting the good ending.

( I wonder how many people get that reference )

spinbot_lv13724d ago


didnt Bungie say Reach will have better graphics than Halo 3?

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IQUITN4G3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Looks great but most importantly it will play better than anything else.Can't wait

edgeofblade3725d ago

Interestingly, they are doing framerate analysis on an internet video. The video compession alone count account for any slow down. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in this analysis, either way.

kneon3725d ago

Web sites are always jumping the gun analyzing poor quality stills and video, it's all meaningless until you have the real game to analyze. They just want hits

sukru3725d ago

Digital Foundry is not a one-off analysis site. They do research everything they can get their hands on, from betas to full releases.

And even they admit the analysis would be inclusive at this point, but done out of curiosity:

"We couldn't resist running the three minutes of in-game Reach video through our analysis tools, and this is what we discovered."

"We'll find out for sure shortly when we get hands-on. "

HolyOrangeCows3725d ago

Yeah, the compression is just-so-happening to cause the slowdowns whenever there is an explosion.

It's a good analysis. framerate slowdowns during explosions aren't really anything new. Try WATCHING the video before turning on defense-force mode.

tplarkin73725d ago

There were plenty of explosions at a distance, and the rate stayed at 30fps. Only when the explosion filled the screen, did the rate drop.

So, this could mean that the frames dropped during compression since there is more change to the whole scene.

bpac1234567893724d ago

Halo Reach looks fun as hell. I never liked any halo games before (not even the first 1) but somethin about this one makes me want to play it.

Cyan83133724d ago

The slowdown only happened in 3'rd person spectator (theater ?) mode where it was zoomed out and it viewed a large zone.

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