Will Mistwalker Ever Touch a Sony Platform?

Mistwalker was founded by the so-called "Father of Final Fantasy" Hironobu Sakaguchi in 2004 after leaving SquareSoft. Since then the company signed an exclusive 3 game deal with Microsoft. Two of those games, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, were published by Microsoft and released for the 360 in 2006 and 2007. The third game in the deal, Cry On, was canned because of the "uncertainty of the property's franchise potential as well as current global economic conditions."

In the meantime Mistwalker has gone on to develop 4 games for the NDS and is now working on a new Wii exclusive rpg called "The Last Story" which is being published by Nintendo.

Surely the next inevitable platform to work on is Sony's PSP or PS3, right? Maybe not.

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sinncross3101d ago

Could be any reason I suppose. Would be great to see them give the PS3/ PSP a workout.

darthv723100d ago

They are not the only company that could be put into that question. I guess i came to a realization that some companies have reasons to support the ones they do. Does it make it a bad decision, not likely. Just a limiting one but one that can be rectified by owning all systems.

I know that may be the scape goat approach and probably goes against those who cant afford it or who only support one platform. I understand that point of view. Just also realize that there are others who felt the same and ended up getting the other platforms because they to realized that not everyone or everything can be on one and only one platform.

vhero3100d ago

They are working on nothing more than the DS now they are making a lot of money on there and are happy. Looking at sales of all there games they probably didn't make hardly any profit on 360 and relied on MS funding to get them through considering how much them games would have cost to produce.

They may come to PS3 once enough consoles are sold but right now I cannot see them coming back to a console.

Chris3993101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

(coincidentally around the same time he was heavily investing his energies with MS' platform), he said that he was "looking" at the hardware (PS3). I wouldn't be suprised if we see something at this years TGS for Sony. Even a PSP (2?) game would be awesome.

I'd take a Lost Odyssey sequel on ANY platform. That was the best JRPG I've played in years.


There's the link, the Guch was testing on the back PS3 in 2007. Blue Dragon and LO didn't exactly set Japan on fire (though both were great), so I think Sony will get some of his attention soon.

Noctis Aftermath3101d ago

I believe that he has issues with Ken, and seeing how ken basically hand made the PS3, mistwalker is unlikely to develop on it, the PSP on the other hand is a possibility.

Also even though LO and blue dragon weren't huge in japan that doesn't mean he will go to the PS3, he is testing out the Wii userbase with The Last Story, only then if that underperforms will there be a chance of a PS3 RPG made by Mistwalker.

WildArmed3101d ago

Yeah, I just love LO from mistwalker.
The rest i dont care for much.
I just want a LO2 for 360 or ps3 or pc, idc. I'll buy it!

WetN00dle693100d ago

Yeah i think Mistwalker games have a future in PS3 systems!
And i wouldnt doubt it that they would sell much better in that platform since the PS3 is and will always be better suited for RPGs.

Sevir043100d ago

Were what he was working on. But for what ever the reason, i loved Blue Dragon and would love it if he made a game on the PS3, LO on the other hand wasn't that great an RPG in MY OPINION. but oh well, We'll see, i think he'd have a much better fanbase on the PS platform, ths gen has been a strange one, there are sooo few quality RPGs this gen. Jap Devs really need to get on the ball.

vhero3100d ago

There is no disdain towards PS3 people initially thought S-E supported PS3 and not 360 as FF13 and FF13VS were both exclusives when Mistwalker was formed. So people assumed as they didn't like S-E and S-E seemed to love Sony that's why they only made games on MS consoles this was clearly untrue from there its all been Chinese whispers. How can somebody who used to make Final Fantasy games have problems with Sony??

Anyways whatever the problems money,developing.. I honestly think they will stick to DS games now as they have found there area.

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3101d ago
La Chance3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Dont give a sh!t.

Give us LO2 first.

vhero3100d ago

Very unlikely MS have given up on Japan so MW no longer on MS pay cheque.

Godmars2903101d ago

Shame that a devs ego will likely hamper and limit his company overall.

BrutallyBlunt3101d ago

A lot of it could be due to loyalty and personal relationships. Jaffe and Kojima both prefer working with Sony it seems. Meanwhile Itagaki seems to prefer working with Microsoft.

At the end of the day it should be all about the consumer and reaching out to them. So creating exclusives only really benefits the platform holder which is why these companies like Sony and Microsoft want to have good relationships.

One could say focusing on one platform is better in the end but that's what having more people is for. It's also good for the economy.

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