24 Awesome PS3 Mods, Concepts and Designs for Sony Playstation Fans

PS3Maven writes: PS3 sure is one of the most coveted consoles of our times, and there is a very good reason for that. Most people prefer the PS3 or PS3 Slim to play games, and it is the most universally used console in the whole wide world.

Since so many millions of people use the PS3, you may not want your PS3 to look the same. In that case, you will have to go ahead and mod it to suit your taste and needs. Here are some really cool and weird PS3 mods that would jazz up the mundane PS3 into something else.

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-Alpha4066d ago

Lol @ Xbox 360 inside a PS3 casing. Must be setting a record for fastest RROD or something.

Those are all really cool concepts for the most part.

I want to trick out my PS3. Wish Sony would release face plates.