GTA 5 Graphic Lookout? 80 Best Of Shots from the ENB Series Mod for Grand Theft Auto 4

Videogameszone published 80 marvellous Screenshots from the ENB Series Mod for Grand Theft Auto 4.

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E46M34901d ago

Dam i need to try out this mod.

Geralt4901d ago


Note that the game won't be very playable with it - low FPS, but it looks nice!

Raf1k14901d ago

Surely that would depend on your PCs capabilities and you could lower the res. I wouldn't mind playing GTA4 at a lower res if it looked this good.

ChrisW4901d ago

Just make sure you have a step above the "Recommended Requirements" that Rockstar stated and you should be able to play it with decent frame rates on a good to excellent graphics setting.

Dellis4901d ago

GTA5 will look better this, this is just a MOD using R*'s creation

so nothing special about this.

BiggCMan4901d ago

yes gta5 will probably look better than this mod, if it doesnt, then shame on rockstar.. BUT, this is what gta4 should have looked like in the first place.

cygnuszero4901d ago

If you're talking about PCs, then you're probably right. On current gen consoles, no way in hell will it look like that.

Aphe4901d ago

When a console can make GTA4 look this good, speak then. Until that time look at how good it can look.

multipayer4900d ago

I doubt GTA5 will look this good if it is released this gen, they should be focusing on making a worthy successor to san andreas anyway. This mod just changes the textures for an old game though. I assume the textures are higher res? Otherwise I don't get why it would hurt performance... Also, if you have to play this in a lower resolution, won't it be harder to tell it apart from the regular textures?

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clembo4901d ago

...but that's a big 'if'. Clearly the community is there and ready to mod even a completely broken game. Rockstar are foolish for rushing the PC version.

Anyone remember GTA SA or VC? If you played them on the PC you might have tried some of the mods. Best modding community ever, quite possibly.

TABSF4901d ago

Yep they clearly ported the PS3 version

I would of waited another 6 months for them to port the 360 version and improved the graphics like they did for the current GTA PC.
GTA IV is the most taxing game ever for a CPU

If you was to upgrade from a 9800 GTX to a GTX 480 on any other game I would expect double or more the frame rates but with GTA IV and EFLC I would get like 10 - 15 FPS more

Now if I went for a E7400 to a i7 860 I would quadruple my FPS on GTA IV and EFLC yet in any other game it would be less than 10FPS increase

danfry4901d ago (Edited 4901d ago )

No they ported and pepped up the 360 version (not so much a port as a transfer) complete with all it's limitations.

Theonik4900d ago

Well if they had ported the 360 version the game wouldn't have had that many issues seeing as 360 uses a similar architecture to a PC and D3D.

Premonition4901d ago

Speaking of mods and GTA what ever happened to that GTA type game called 3 days till vegas or something like that, was it cancelled?

Darkfocus4901d ago

Guessing it's canceled then seeing as their website says Q4 2009 as the release date and it's past then but they didn't update the date.

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Anniversary: The Beginning of the Age of RAGE

Grand Theft Auto 4 is an important game for Rockstar, not least because it was the first title in the franchise to use the newly created RAGE engine.

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franwex146d ago

Wasn’t the Table Tennis game the first to use RAGE?

isarai146d ago

Was about to say the same, but they do say first "in the franchise" so 🤷

cammers1995146d ago

The fact it hasnt been remastered is insane.