Chrome Engine vs. CryEngine: Awesome Comparison Shots

Some impressive comparison screenshots between Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Chrome Engine 4) and Crysis (CryEngine 2).

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dirthurts3097d ago

Looking very very good.

Xwow20083097d ago

i would love to play a mmo with this quality :)

Xwow20083097d ago

checked project the art is amazing, thx for telling me about the game :)

meetajhu3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I don't get the point of this. Having a jungle with trees and sun light with water makes good graphics? Crysis looks impressive even on the indoor. Awesome animation,Textures and advanced effects is what that is needed. I know the potential of COJ 2 Engine. It will look like BFBC2 at max. Killzone 2 quality is what every developers need to do. Killzone 2 is just breathtaking

120FPS3097d ago

Jesus H christ, it didnt take long before someone mentioned KZ2 even tho the article has nothing to do with that game what so ever.

Xwow20083097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

KZ2 is really breathtaking and its the first game for GG on ps3 (learning processes)-imagine how KZ3 will look like :)

ProjectVulcan3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Killzone 2 looks good but it can run rather sluggishly sometimes. Uncharted 2 looks better and runs rock solid. Lets face it though, neither touches Crysis (2007) with settings bumped. We have yet to really see ingame Crysis 2 properly, on PC, full whack settings have we?

kaveti66163097d ago

Maybe Killzone 2 looks great because it's bloody narrow as hell. Cryengine was able to render an entire free-roam island with top texture quality, lighting effects, physics effects, explosion effects, etc. Try making a sandbox game with the KZ2 engine and THEN compare it with Crysis.

TheXgamerLive3097d ago

that game was the greyest in history so please it's not smart to compare it, lol.

Both engines are looking great, chrome is being used on the soon to be released Sniper:Ghost warrior 360, and well we all know crytek 2 is very powerful.

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tudors3097d ago

The thing is though is that some people seem to think that everyone else thinks that KZ2 is the best looking game ever, and I am been perefectly honest with you when I say that to me it looks nothing special, the special effects are quite good but the enviroments and textures look bland and dull, this is no *anboy comment, I actually do not like how KZ2 looks, I have been more impressed with the new Battlefield, that's right I think it looks better than KZ2, and this video of the Chrome Engine engine looks much better IMO, nobody is saying you have to agree with that but at least accept that others have their own opinion also and the more I see of KZ2 the less impressed I become, sorry if you do not like it but that is my view.

Xwow20083097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

is best looking game ever i just agreed with meetjhu nor i was pushing my opinion in anybody.
But from what u say KZ2 textures look bland and dull!!thats wrong its idd KZ2 game some low textures in some places in the game but the high quality textures are outstanding (HD uncompressed textures) and looks a lot better than BFBC2 (even in max sittings).

Headshot813097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

This is the best video i can find, since the one you posted seems to be bad quality. MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON THE HD buttton on the lower right hand side to get the 1080p picture! And this is all in-game, i should know since i own it(both KZ2 and BFBC2).

DelbertGrady3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

German gaming journalism = [email protected] screenshot comparisons.

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