Bungie hints next title in latest ViDoc?

Alex from GamesOnSmash writes "Just the other day Bungie had released a ViDoc for Halo: Reach titled Carnage Carnivale. The video was an insight on what to expect from the Halo: Reach beta which begins May 3rd. Now the video is full of awesomeness and I couldn't help to notice that one of the members of Bungie David Candland, Senior UI Artist was wearing a Marthon shirt."

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jrburdine4013d ago

Def. noticed that, and its only on XBOX 360...

JonnyBadfinger4013d ago

What part of "NEW IP" do people NOT understand?

Its not Marathon and its not Halo, im almost willing to put my house on it.

People always look far too much into any video thats Halo related... ever stop to think that its just a f***en T-SHIRT! of course not, that would require logic, something the gaming journalism industry is lacking nowadays.

Kingdom Come4013d ago

They said back in 2008 that they were working on 3 Titles so calm down.

ASSASSYN 36o4013d ago

Yeah calm down jonny you might need to go on a walkabout and collect your thoughts.

Bumpmapping4013d ago


Sez 4013d ago

Your in the wrong thread buddy. No need to talk about KZ2 like that.

PirateThom4013d ago

Didn't Killzone 2 have a lot of people complaining the controls were different?

ExgamerLegends24013d ago

But I wouldnt mind an HD Oni sequel. What happened to Bungie West?

Elven64013d ago

Bungie West was shut down after Oni IIRC.

MajestieBeast4013d ago

No offence but Oni on the ps2 was horrid dont know about the pc,mac version. Probably the worst game published by Rockstar.

Blaze9294013d ago

Take-Two owns the Oni IP now. If they ever plan to use it, that's unknown.


Doesnt matter what game it is!
Because its going to remain exclusive to the 360!

CellularDivision4013d ago

I know you are just kidding, but ill play along.

Source plz.

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Bumpmapping4013d ago

Oh my b thought this was the 720p thread.

Gigalol4013d ago

New IP xbox 360 exclusive coming from Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie confirmed 2011.

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