Super Street Fighter IV Gameplay Direct HD Footage

Ve3tro writes: "Check out this new footage of Super Street Fighter IV, we take a look at some of the new characters to feature in this latest addition."

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Ziriux3098d ago

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Cannot wait to play it next week.


big tournament at FX going to use Ken for the 1st round , Cammy 2nd , Juri on the final

Ve3tro3097d ago

Good luck with that tourney.

Ve3tro3097d ago

I've added another five videos, check them out underneath.

Hope you enjoy them. - Adon vs Vega - M.Bison vs T.Hawk - Ibuki vs Cammy - Ken vs Yuri - Mokato vs Sakura

garos823097d ago


looks awesome

Ve3tro3097d ago

No problem man, I'll be doing a few more later which focuses on the Ultras.