Hacker Group Breaks Ubisofts DRM

Koku writes: "The well known group Skid Row says it has by passed Ubisoft's controversial DRM technology which Ubisoft implemented on the PC version of Assassin's Creed 2."

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GCO Gamer4073d ago

Some needs to make a pic like that for Activision.

Blaze9294073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

As well as 360 owners with Microsoft



Hey, I'm a 360 owner too and love it but even I can admit that picture fits what I suggest too >_>

Ziriux4073d ago

You're an idiot Blaze, but i forgive you.

Ziriux4073d ago

Besides both systems having very minimal issues I see nothing wrong, I go to the store, by my games come home and play them in either single player or multiplayer, what else is there to b1tch about?

Thats where I don't get why you even care about anything in relations to each system as long as they both offer something. That goes against you reporting articles lame sometime because they choose to talk about one side over the other.

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ConnorSmith4073d ago

Finally, this game was bound to be broken. too many people were upset with the inclusion of the DRM in the game, and its only right that they get some revenge!

Ziriux4073d ago

Well yea, in addition to them specializing in this it was meant to happen.

Ziriux4073d ago

The image is awesome hehe.Publishers think they can get away with their money greedy business implementing such things as DRM requiring the internet connection to pay. I think they loose money with peeps that don't have an internet connection.

PirateThom4073d ago

The sort of hacking all gamers can get behind. The benefits legit buyers more than anyone.

Raf1k14073d ago

Yep. This is probably the most useful crack I've come across in a while. It means I can now play AC2 without worrying about losing connection to Ubi's crappy servers.

mrv3214073d ago

I prepared a speech and all but then I though the best words I could say are in fact the simplest ( plus I recently formatted my hard drive )


JohnnyMann4204073d ago

Why does everyone spell LOSE ... LOOSE on N4G

mrv3214072d ago

I think it has something to do with my build in Ubuntu spell checker. I need to sort it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.