Gamers Are Stupid

PN: "Gamers are stupid, ignorant, vile, and repulsive, and are the most horrible creatures to ever grace any entertainment outlet"..."Over the next few thousand words I'm going to tell you how STUPID you all are, how stupid I am, how stupid you can be."..."That's if you can follow me, you stupid STUPIDFACE!"

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Kratos Spartan3964d ago

that was the stupidest aritcle I never read.

WildArmed3964d ago

Yeah. =/

And he mainly rants about fanboys over gamers.

But.. the point being:

The author is stupid. (which he agrees to in the article)

AnttiApina3964d ago

He is right about the fact that some people make ugly commentaries about our industry. Just look at those comment examples:
Some of them cannot even type!

And the graphics... Oh man: People just always find a way to make a game look bad when watching an ugly texture in an overall pretty game. Think about how much work developers actually put on the presenation and how quickly people downplay it!

Gamers... Gamers are idiots, but we are also smart. However, when chatting with other folks in gaming forums and then they say something like "Walls of text LOLO0LOL 111!" you know that some sort of retardation has infected our medium.

If you read this comment then good. I wonder how many actually read the article before making witty comments.

hamoor3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

gamers are not stupid!!! fanboys are
and come on gaming fanboys are not the worst fanboys
just look at sports fans they fight in real life for their silly teams

Abriael3964d ago

This article crashed and burned when he said that exclusive do nothing to advance gaming.

Exclusives are exactly what fuel competition, and competition is what advances the quality of games the most. If Sony and Microsoft didn't have to jump over each other's shoulders continuously, we would have much worse games.

Also platform exclusive games are normally better than multiplatform, simply because they are optimized on the machine that runs them, more polished, and entail less compromises from the developer.

Stating that they're something bad for the industry is downright silly, and shows a very limited knowledge of the market (or any market, really).

The only stupidity I see is that of bloggers that, every sunday, scramble to try and find something to write about, no matter how nonsensical.
Seriously, if you don't have an interesting topic, don't write. Your blog won't wither and die if it stays without new content for a day. Play some games instead.

The Killer3964d ago

and gamers r addicted to gaming just like drugs!!

gaming is created to suck the minds of the youth and make them stupid people!!

how many gamers spend time on gaming per day? and couldn't that time be used to educate them selves or do better activities??

i know now many will start to hate on me, but thats the truth!! even i am a little bit addicted to this disease called Call Of Duty 4.

its too hard to leave gaming if u r in it, just like smoking and drugs!!

pixelsword3964d ago

mainly because any idiot with webspace can pull what this 'tard did.

BigPappaPump3964d ago

Without opening to read this crap, I have to say that the author is an idiot to generalize gamers as a whole. Anyone who wasted his life reading this drivel can give me details about it.

hamoor3964d ago

wrong i say
people can get addicted to a lot of things beside gaming
like chatting on msn,facebook etc.
watching tv
waste hours and hours on the web
but again

HQLocated1113964d ago

The person who wrote the article is probably about 15 years old and has no idea how incredibly STUPID he sounds.

GarandShooter3964d ago

@ The Killer

Gaming is no worse than any other non-educational, non-physical pastime.
I know people who look down at gaming a little but watch several hours of reality TV every week. At least with gaming there is SOME thought required and hand-eye coordination is honed. Interactive is always better than passive.

boodybandit3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

"Gaming trolls, fanboys, most of the gaming media, PR departments and the writers here at Platformnation are stupid, ignorant, vile, and repulsive, and are the most horrible creatures to ever grace any entertainment outlet"..."

Article fixed.

JonnyBadfinger3963d ago

I have heard this exact comment from my girlfriend... you think its a sign?

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Myst3964d ago

Before anyone does what I was about to do, read a bit further and you will see it's all sarcasm, At least the first paragraph. Essentially it seems as if the author of the article is taking a crack at those who cannot form a coherent sentence [ at least for the most part. ], and what some gamers tend to look at over everything else. Example Graphics, Gameplay, music, etc.

In the end what does it all matter. Of course we all are going to have trouble with the English grammar. Hell most of us in college [myself included] still have some trouble with it. As for those who only focus on one main aspect of a game, let them. Honestly It's not as bad as some people like to make it out to be. I focus on Gameplay and story and graphics take backseat. Does it mean I'm stupid or I don't care? No just that graphics don't grab my attention as much as a good story and nice gameplay mechanics.

Though to keep this rant from going to long, I shall just end it here. Of course there are a few points I did not hit upon, but I'm sure others will. Long rant short let gamers be gamers. If they want to spend time on forums and other such places trying to justify their purchase well let them. It's not like it's harming us in anyway except for making a few of us facepalm from time to time.

Ziriux3964d ago

This article is 50% true, just get on xbox live or PSN and play against some people that take call of duty way to serious and you'll see, the other 50% of the article is lame. Good job on calling your self stupid.

ape0073964d ago

this article is 50% true

true true....

DarkSpawnClone3963d ago

LOL oh man call of duty is horrible for people taking it seriously i met this one guy on Psn and every time he got killed he yelled in a growling pissed off voice and he said " OHH!!!! MYYY GODDDD!!!!!" every single time he died,every ones like holy fu%k dude chill.he was a crazy lol,every time i get pissed off in a game now i think of that kid lmao "OHHHH!!!!>;[ MYY!! GOD!!!!>:["

Jedward-3964d ago

360 gamers that is..fixed

3964d ago
Wrathman3964d ago

xbox owner are therefor ill take the insult.

ps3 users are not gamers.they just occasionally turn their ps3 on to get the latest updates.then watch blu-rays,and last time i cant play updates and you watch movies, ergo,ps3 owners are not gamers.

AngryTypingGuy3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

A few gamers like myself are highly intelligent.

Then there are some people like this gentleman, which represents your typical PS3 owner.

AngryTypingGuy3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Oh yeah, and then there's this PS3 owner to. I'm sure he's a true inspiration to you all.

knightdarkbox3963d ago

ps3 fanboys are stupid


ps3 fanboys is the worst kind of fanboy the kind that claims one extreme product loyalist is worse than another. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, and if you're reading this and are currently angry or offended by any of the statements, you're only going to prove just how correct I am ps3 fanboys.

iMad3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

sounds like a RIP letter of an bankrupted SONY developer...

competition among developers is hight this gen. and if you say your customers are morons and don't buy your super creative games yes that can be true. sadly but this is only your problem. you should have been smarter and create a better game which sales.

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