E3 2007: Fable 2 Hands-On

At GDC 2007, Peter Molyneux introduced us to the concept of love in Fable 2. For E3, Molyneux's talk turns darker as he tackles "death and murder and mayhem." The second major feature in Fable 2 is the combat. As Molyneux teased, he is working his way backwards from least amazing to most amazing -- meaning #3 should be something special.

Every RPG needs combat, but Molyneux is hoping to create a unique experience for Fable 2. While the first Fable's combat was enjoyable, it didn't have much depth. Molyneux's challenge to the folks at Lionhead and Big Blue Box was to create a combat system anyone could play and enjoy, but that had such depth that even an expert won't have experienced everything by the end of their heroic quest.

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Legionaire20055307d ago

Here is a video of a tech demo by Pete Molyneux that shows a innovative combat system which is going to be in Fable 2!!! It is going to be the best combat system ever!!! See for yourself:

JS1HUNDRED5307d ago

You linked the second page of the story. fantastic work

Legionaire20055307d ago

sorry about that!!!! Oops!!! LOL!!!!

Bloodmask5307d ago

by Fable. This one does look a lot better though.

I think Molyneaux is a loon sometimes.