Top 6 useless armies in gaming

Gaming is a lifelong struggle between good and bad: Sonic Vs Robotnik, Jedi Vs Sith, Snake Vs Ocelot, Mario Vs magic mushrooms…the point is, almost every action game has the usual plot of 'fight your way to the bad guy' that ends up getting killed, only to be resurrected in the sequel. And the next sequel (Wesker, we're looking at you).

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FishCake9T43731d ago

Solid Snake eats goons for breakfast.

Godly_anon3730d ago

This is hilarious. Shame the rest of the site looks a little empty.

JussBlazn3730d ago

they make excellent cannon fodder...

Timesplitter143730d ago

What a useless article. Did we really need this?

tmt3453730d ago

Did we really need that?

ShadowRyuX3730d ago

How something this crappy managed to get approved is beyond me. The list is so stupid. Like how it says "armies" yet it is simply listing enemies types. It is equivalent to if I made a best characters lists
"3rd Place: Main Antagonist (Seen in: Every game ever)
2nd Place: Side-kicks (Seen in: Every game ever)
1st Place: Main Protagonists (Seen in: Every game ever)"

And on top of that they show boo for the ghosts yet don't list Mario games in the "Games Seen In".

The website is an eyesore and the article lacks any depth or professionalism.

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