No cross-server play for Starcraft II out of the box

American StarCraft fans looking for a chance to take on their Asian counterparts will have to wait a bit, as StarCraft II is not going to be supporting cross-server play on day one. While considered for initial conclusion, and is still being considered for a future content patch, Blizzard decided that they want to keep all servers regional for the initial launch of the game. This means that people in the US can only play against other North Americans, the Euros have to play with other Europeans, and the Asian servers will be playing amongst themselves.

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josh143993100d ago

this is a good thing for me lol i dont have to worry about playing against some crazy korean players

JsonHenry3100d ago

Yeah, I might as well hit the surrender key when playing anyone from South Korea.

mrv3213100d ago

I believe blizzard has streamlined the process and if you enter a game with a Korean it auto-surrenders.

Therealspy033100d ago

the game is a lot faster than the last one. that might help the balance. notice you don't see any koreans owning at the twitch games like FPS. maybe now that the game is like SC1 on crack, we might have a chance.

then again...

Projekt7tuning3099d ago

Oh good, no second Korean war. LOL. Imagine if an American somehow became the best, they would side with the North and launch a nuke! At least they saved us the humiliation. The United Nations would have to intervene. The Koreans would be beating us like baby seals.

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Elven63100d ago

Fans must really feel betrayed, first the removal of LAN play (which has been a major feature in RTS's for quite some time now) and now this "isolation" feature. Albeit this is a bit more justified than the LAN and there is the possiblity that they will open up the game later.

erathaol3100d ago

I wonder if this is Activision putting their hands into the inner workings of Starcraft II. Taking Away Lan Games, Splitting the Campaign into 3 discs, Charging $59.99 instead of $49.99 and now No cross-server Support. What the hell is going on around here?

wicko3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Some stores are trying to pass it off for 69.99 here in Canada, but there are still some stores selling for 59.99. The annoying part is that our dollar is on par with the US, so there's absolutely no reason for this. Not to mention a standard PC game should be 49.99 like you said, PC games shouldn't be at the same price as console games. There's no license fees so there's no excuse.

radphil3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Might as well say that, because all these moves don't make any sense.

And for the idea of region closing at launch, this actually makes me more mad then optimistic, because they said it's CONSIDERED for future consideration.

Granted I know this is Blizzard, so we'll have more of a chance to have that happen, than what happened with IW and MW2, but BECAUSE of the fact that Activision actually have to turn to them now for a source of income, since Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk actually got them negative revenue, and IW is kinda dead at this point, it disturbs me as to what more "changes" are going to happen.

Main thing that just confuses me on the whole issue, is why do they do this? It almost reminds me of what Mercenaries 2 did, considering that there are gamers that have friends in other regions. I couldn't play with a friend of mine who was in UK, due to the region lock of the games.

mrv3213100d ago

This is know as O.P.A.K Or Operation Protect Americans from Korea.

As soon as this cross thing become available the west will blown apart, you'll have teams of Americans take on one Korean and loose.

It's like what happend when the Iron Curtain fell but somehow more drastic.

I can imagine Korean player hacking into American server just to mess around and relax. It'll be more of a unfair advantage than MW invincibility mod :P

blasian3100d ago

practice with the US before I get run through by the asians

Pumbli3100d ago

Damn, I'd like to play on US servers.... :(

Can't stand playing on European servers filled with non-English speakers. (hence, no communication)

Hope they sort them out by country so I can at least play on UK servers.

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