Gamer Segregation: It's about time to do away with it

As Blizzard announces that the servers for Starcraft 2 will be split by region, Classy Gamer elaborates on the problem of "Gamer Segregation".
We interact and play on a globalized internet that allows us to connect with other gamers all over the world in a matter of seconds, but some game developers still stubbornly split their communities with antiquate regional barriers.

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Saeveth3151d ago

Being all grouped together, and the auto-translator, in FFXI was definitely the best aspects of the game.

Chadness3151d ago

Agreed. Some of the biggest highlights of my time with that MMO for me were the interactions I had with Asian players. If you'll allow a generalization, they're much nicer than Western players, for the most part.

Abriael3151d ago

@Chadness: it was definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. I look forward to find the same community in Final Fantasy XIV.

Myst3151d ago

I agree, it worked quite well to which was honestly a surprise to me back when I first started. It's kind of a shame that gamers are being split still, though I'm assuming it's due to lag issues and what not? If not then I wonder why...

Abriael3151d ago

Lag due to location is a thing of the past. At the moment any lag one may encounter is a matter of quality of the phone lines and speed of his provider, that can be a problem whether you live across the road from the server or in another continent.

There are plenty games with worldwide servers that have no lag issues, so that's just a lame excuse

Bereaver3151d ago

The problem with that is that there are different licenses for different areas. Not only that, but some areas are cheaper, you could import for a cheaper price. Try to get that game into China. It's gonna be hard :p.

Abriael3151d ago

That's not really an excuse, several developers manage to host world-wide servers for their games, so it's plenty doable, if the will to do it is there.

if china is a problem, they can simply make some chinese-only servers, leaving the rest of the world without barriers.

Raz3150d ago

Money, money, money. In order, this is: 1)The reason for everything; 2)What everyone wants; 3)Why the world is completely f^cked up.

Splitting online play into regions probably has something to do with it - license fees or something similar. It's also why Hitler started WWII; he needed to get people's minds off the economy.

Filthy lucre...

Abriael3150d ago

@Raz: exactly, having worldwide servers simply costs more, for several reasons.

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The Milkman3151d ago

Yes, I wish they would just advance the auto-translator and then we will be good. FFXI auto-translator was great but they could make it better so we could have a more clear conversations with others.

Abriael3151d ago

It was a bit limited, but still, I think it was one of the best of it's kind, actually, it was more unique than "best" :D
I'm actually curious to see if they'll go the same route with FFXIV or they'll change it completely. I guess we'll have to see.