10 May games you'll blow your tax refund on

Ex: "Assuming you didn't wait until the very last minute to file your taxes, you should probably expect to receive your refund sometime this month if you haven't gotten it already. According to USA Today, for those of you fortunate enough to have a real job, the average tax refund from 2009 was $3,036. Three grand is a substantial amount of money, and since it's free (note: it's not really free) you should use it as superfluously as possible.

Ignore the naysayers who say you should put it towards your kid's college fund or put it in a CD at your bank. They don't know anything.

With all that money burning a hole in your pocket, it's time to be financially irresponsible. So why not spend some (or all) of it on the following, top tier video game titles being released in May?"

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lolcatz4713d ago

Haha, I sure as hell didn't get back 3 grand this year. Funny article though. Def gonna buy several of these games.

tinybigman4713d ago

3D Dot Game Hero (after watching the preview on Qore i wanted to get this game)

Lost Planet 2 (hated the first one and after playing demo for this i'm excited for this game)

Red Dead Redemption (never played the first game but after watching the videos on PSN man i gotta say this game looks super sweet)

Mario Galaxy 2 (it's mario nuff said)

ModNation Racer (was in beta and just like how i loved LBP i'll be loving this just the same)

Prince of Persia (this is more a maybe but i do liked they went back to the old style of sands of time)

Red_Orange_Juice4713d ago

top 10 games you'll spend your birthday/car insurance/food money on?

Absolut_Turkey4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

@lolcatz: Yeah, I wish I got back $3,000 for my tax refund. Hell, I would've settled for half that.
I already got my refund and have already pre-ordered both 3D Dot Game Heroes and Red Dead Redemption 2. Plus I just picked up Just Cause 2, which BTW is a really fun game IMHO. And considering I STILL have MGS4 on my back-log, May is shaping up to be a busy month gaming-wise for your truly. Now if you will excuse me, I have about 45 minutes to create as much CHAOS on the island of Panau before I have to go to work.

HolyOrangeCows4713d ago

Probably Red Dead, 3D dot, LP2, SMG.
I'll have to read some reviews and play some demos, though.

tinybigman4713d ago

by the random disagree. i picked 6 games off that list that interest me and someone goes and hates hahahaha.

FreeFalling4713d ago

No Blur?

That game excites me more than anything this Q.

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Urmomlol4713d ago

Three thousand bucks might be a bit of a stretch for most gamers (as far as tax refunds go), but it turns out the stat is actually correct:


That said, I'm getting back like 1500 so I'm going to get all of those games except for SKATE.

4713d ago
Anorexorcist4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

I assume at least 60% of the people on here are not even old enough to know what a tax refund is. They just think money comes from daddy's pockets or mommy's hand, which just comes out from being in daddy's pocket.

execution174713d ago

wouldn't of mind getting it this month though

Jikla4713d ago

I don't get my refund before June. I get 2.6k back :> and I will put them in the bank...or will I now?

Urmomlol4713d ago

You get bubbles for having Hobbes (or is it Calvin in the Transmogrifier?) as your AV.

Putting it in the bank though? Buy a big screen TV and a crap load of games. You won't regret it.

Jikla4713d ago

Cheers for noticing the Calvin Transmogrifier thing. Well I already got an 42" LED tv and Red dead redemption, SMG 2, SSF 4, Monster hunter tri and Alan Wake on preorder so I don't need moar games :s But maybe an HD projector XD

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