Need for Speed World: Best Of Custom Cars

PC Games shows 15 of the best custom cars of Need for Speed World´s Closed Beta.

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xTruthx3125d ago

By looking at the pics, forza 3 has a lot more custom customizations

Mr Logic3125d ago

You realize this is a free game right?

HolyOrangeCows3125d ago

Only like, 3 of those cars looked good. The rest looked sort of ridiculous.

FLOWCity3125d ago

Even though I want to be.

Kev20773125d ago

will this be for xbox ?

xTruthx3125d ago

This is for pc only right now

Raypture3125d ago

Hope they churn out a good NFS title, imo there hasn't been a good one since most wanted.

W S K3125d ago

"looks" good
the question is how it actually plays
and how the control/steering is
more arcade or sim...or maybe something between (which would be the best choice i think)

i´ll keep an eye on it

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