PushSquare: After Burner Climax on Playstation 3 Review

PushSquare: "The greatest joy provided by After Burner Climax is the distinct sense of throw-back. That's not to say the game looks old – it's stunning in high-definition – but it feels "classic" in its mould. Here is a game with very few rules, very few stipulations. Its blue sky-thinking is typically SEGA, and it'll take many players back to those days when Dreamcast was next-generation."

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darthv723125d ago

If you have ps3 or 360 and you like a simple pick up and play arcade game...this is it. No real skill involved like Ace Combat. No having to take flying lessons like for MS flight simulator. This is just a balls to the wall guns blazing old school new paint job kind of game.

Now..SEGA...please bring me some thunderblade and galaxy force remake.

soxfan20053125d ago

I like this remake of After Burner.

And yeah, Galaxy Force & Thunderblade would be awesome remakes. I'd love to see a new Power Drift - I've always enjoyed that game.

Cajun Chicken3125d ago

I'll be getting this eventually. The arcade game was awesome, might take a while to get used to the whole lack of the rocking chair

kratos1233125d ago

get it get it get it get it get it i just bought and its soo much fun everything is soo over the top and the arcade feeling i get from it is also great trully deserves this score

madpuppy3123d ago

Afterburner was just one of those games back in the day you didn't mind throwing in the extra quarters to play.

I also grabbed a Mini called Freekscape, it is a neat innovative 3d platformer that is worth the 5.00 and plus you can play it on the PS3 as well as the PSP.