100° Hexyz Force Preview "Nowadays, developer Sting is most known for their complicated, but extremely immersive RPGs such as Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union, and Knights in the Nightmare. But long-time fans know that the developer has also worked on old-fashioned RPGs, such as their Evolution series of games. Hexyz Force, their latest PSP title, follows this pattern, replacing complex and intricate game mechanics with something that RPG fans are more used to, but still keeping the charm and secrets that Sting games are known for. Will new fans of the developer find Hexyz Force an enjoyable deviation from the developer's latest games, or should the company stick with what they've become known for?"

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ShawnCollier3729d ago

Glad to see Sting's going back to the earlier roots. ;)

mephman3729d ago

I'm thankful they decided to make a more traditional RPG for once.

Sanrin3729d ago

Interesting, it'll be nice to have another rpg on the psp either way!