Get every trophy and ending in Heavy Rain [Spoilers]

GamesRadar: No one game of Heavy Rain is the same. With its branching structure, multiple endings and points at which your character can actually die, seeing everything requires a lot of trial and error – or rather, it used to. Our 100% guide will not only help you nail Heavy Rain's elusive Platinum Trophy, but ensure you see every ending possible.

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jahcure3104d ago

i already platinumed this but this would have been helpful. Kinda kills the story if you read it though

WildArmed3103d ago

hmm I might book mark it for later. once i buy the game and complete the game twice or so.
Then i can get that plat..
or i could just enjoy and try to get more game time outta it?

JL3101d ago

Yea I would definitely beat the game at least once on your own without the guide. It would be a total waste and a letdown if you read the guide first, ruins the story for you. You want to experience that on your own. Then after that initial play through you can go back and use the guide since you know the story (and more importantly the killer) by that point. I will say though, without the guide, actually getting all the endings might be very time consuming. For one, the guide shows you a way to do it with minimal backtracking. That way you don't have to actually beat the full game 7 times, but more like 3 playthroughs worth of chapters as you don't play the full game on the latter playthroughs, just start at different chapters. Also, I'm not entirely sure an ending or two might not slip past you without the guide as some of the endings can be rather specific in what you have to do or let happen. Or at the very least, there are so many options and "splits in the road" that it would take you forever to go through all of them in order to finally nail the right combinations in getting all endings.

Great game though and awesome story-telling.

BigPappaPump3101d ago

Does it take 7 or 17 different endings to earn a platinum? I'm not willing to backtrack 17 times for a damn trophy. To me that becomes a choir that kills the fun.

JL3101d ago

I think there are 17 different epilogues. But only need 7 different endings to see all the endings (and earn that trophy for all endings). The things is that the different epilogues/endings overlap. For example, there are 4 main characters. At the end of each game you can get multiple "endings", one for each character. So in that sense, just by beating the game once you see 4 of the "endings" (epilogues). And there are 17 of those. Due to the combinations and whatnot, you just have to beat the game 7 times to see all endings though.