Alpha Protocol: Four New Gameplay Videos

Videogameszone published four new gameplay videos of Sega's Alpha Protocol.

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rbluetank3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

i like this game. i will be putting money back down on this game...i like how it gives you choice to complete ojbectives... alpa protolcal ftw!

ian723102d ago

This looks like Mass Effect set in a spy/James Bond world. I am very interested in this game and hope it turns out good. I like how they have put RPG elements in it, which should make it better. The graphics aren't amazing but the gameplay and story looks like they could be.
Not long to wait now, just over a month. Been watching out for this for a long time and its finally around the corner. I hope its as good as I think it will be.

Darkfiber3102d ago

Jeez, this is like Burn Notice the video game. Even his name Michael Thornton instead of Michael Westen. Voice sounds very similar, and the way he talks and explains things sounds exactly like the monologues from Burn Notice. Could be a cool game but the graphics suck. Not that it's stopped me from buying a game before.

Crossifixxo3101d ago

Considering that Mass Effect is not on the PS3, I hope this game is almost as good!! zkeeping a close eye on it but seems that there are too many games coming out in May!!