9 Types of Xbox Live Players

If you've spent more than a day on Xbox Live, you will have noticed a pattern of the kind of players you encounter – regardless of the genre of the game. These folks will undoubtedly test you. You will become so frustrated that the only comforting thought is to know that these guys will probably never get to be anywhere near girls that look like this. However, the realization that YOU, too, will never get to be anywhere near them will make you sad. Then, hopefully motivate you to want to make your own awesome game that forbids douchebags from playing. In such a case, you will probably want to check this out. Either way, just keep this in mind before you decide to join the world of Xbox Live.

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Wizziokid3734d ago

I wouldn't say it's only Xbox Live, you get these kind of people on PSN and PC games, their will always be douches in the online community.

*Waiting for Phantom Disagrees*

josh143993734d ago

true but xbox live is worse well in my experiences anyway especially the whiny kids. every match of halo3 i have to mute at least 1 person

FishCake9T43734d ago

Agreed. But at leats we have some fanboy wars to look forward to.
The noob is my personal favorite.

Joule3734d ago

They forgot to mention the babies!


Ha! This article is the truth!

Bob-Dole3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Bob Dole doesn't care who plays online. Bob Dole mutes everyone but himself.

Also, Bob Dole loves Justin Bieber. He's delicious.

Bob Dole.

Bob Dole EDIT: Bob dole hates Phantom Disagrees. Bob Dole is terrified of ghosts.

Natsu X FairyTail3734d ago

Phantom disagrees are stupid and mostly they're from Playstation fanboys because you mentioned PSN in your post.

ryhanon3734d ago

Yeah, they're all equally bad. XBL only *seems* worse because every idiot has a headset.

MiamiACR3734d ago

Enjoy your Phantom disagrees Wizziokid. You asked for them! you got em!

divideby03734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

If I DA I will put out my opinion...of all the games I play on line, PC, PSN and Live far without any question halo draws the younger crowd, hence all the whinny, K/D ratio only players and trash talkers are out.
When I play games on Live online, Party Chat is the only way to play Halo and BC2...or else you have what I mentioned above.
UC2 on PSN does not have the whinny kiddies as halo does.
Totally DA on PC immature players...its totally not comparable to the console online services.. PC always brings out a maturer crowd....just do to the nature of expensive hardware, updates...
Just what I see and play online my ops

bjornbear3734d ago

PSN also has a lot of these, and PC too (or used to, haven't played online on PC for a few years now)

this isn't exclusive to XBL, however, it is infamous for the racist children that plague it, maybe its an inevitable consequence of head set saturation in the market

too many readily available head sets = huge amount of pointless crap being spewed onto an online game distracting you from the game at hand.

wicko3734d ago

These types of people exist on PC and PSN as well, but I'd say in less numbers. Not everyone has a headset for PS3 as it doesn't come bundled, and on PC I hear a lot less little kids. But there are probably just as many jackasses.

divideby03734d ago

try playing BF2 or Guild Wars on the PC...and you wont see 1/100 of the kiddies as on the consoles....thats what I am posting about..I play both of these games all the time...and its great to use TS and you wont hear the kiddies

HolyOrangeCows3734d ago

10) Gurrrl gamer - An ugly girl with a pretty voice, in desperate need of attention.

darthv723734d ago

You are very correct. Both services have an equal amount of these kinds of players. Problem is more noticeable because of the headset pretty much everyone has. PSN is more quiet but that doesnt mean they arent shouting obscenities and slurs at the tv.

If someone is going to curse you out, they will curse you out. Live you hear it because of the headset, psn you hear it only if the other person has a headset.

rezzah3733d ago

Your right, you can find the exact same people on the PSN. For some reason I think that 360 suffers more from those annoying kids than PSN, maybe its the comments or that the author had the 360 only in mind when writing this article. W/e it is, PSn isnt free from these types of people too.

One of my friends is a trash talker on PSN, and that paragraph described him perfectly.

nnotdead3733d ago

yeah, more like 9 types of gamers

GameGambits3733d ago

I run into:
The Squeaker
The E thug
The Nigga
The Sound Monster
The Raging Molestor
The Headset M.I.A

Combinations of these make new breeds. :D

vickers5003733d ago

Damnit, accidentally hit disagree.

Raz3733d ago

Because frankly, there's a difference - we have douches too, but they're different *kinds* of douches. Here's three that were missed:

1. The Chatfiend: "Hello? Can anyone hear me?" Will blather on until someone answers, then try to engage you in long and irrelevant conversation, oblivious to the fact that there's a game going on and you're trying to focus on not getting killed.

2. The Exclusionist: Refuses to play with anyone except their exclusive circle of friends, and will repeatedly and rudely ask you to leave, oblivious to the fact that it's a public game and there is clearly a *private* game option.

3. The Judas: Thinks it's the height of hilarity to attack their own teammates and hamper victory any way they can.

AAACE53733d ago

Any game I play I play to win. I guess I primarily fall into the "Team Player" catagory which is why I used to play R6: Vegas so much. However, when i'm in a room with idiots, i'm usually quiet or have them muted! But I also have some traits of being a "Stat Whore" and a "Camper" from time to time.

There are a few more idiot types that were left off that list, but that gets a number of them out the way!

The team players are the ones I try to get linked with as well. It's just so simple to have a guy use his sniper rifle to get that enemy sniper that has been killing the whole team while you cover him, but I guess that's too hard for some. Or set up a claymore by a doorway so your team has an early warning or an enemy coming up from behing, but they just don't get it.

I don't like how the article makes it seem like it only happens on XBL! There are alot of idiots on XBL, but there are on PSN as well! I will admit that I have run into fewer on PSN though. I don't know if it is because more adults use it or if there are fewer people who play online with the Ps3 or what.

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sid4gamerfreak3734d ago

Hmm, although there are some douches in the pc online community, theyre not as much as the ps3 and 360 online communities...

RagTagBnd4453734d ago

That really depends on the game, CS:Source, MW2 and WoW have large number of idiots.

evrfighter3734d ago

a strong argument can be said about wow players being part of the pc gaming community.

Most are casuals that have never and will never play other pc games. They contribute nothing to pc gaming and are 10x worse than the 12 year olds on LIVE.

Revvin3734d ago

There are good and bad gamers on every online service. Back in years gone by when PC's were more expensive and people were less likely to have one in the home gamers tended to be more mature. There were 20,30,40+ year old users as they were the ones with the disposable income to buy a PC to game on. Over the last 10-15 years as PC's have become cheaper and they have become more commonplace in the home the online PC scene is every bit as bad as the consoles with snot nosed kids running off at the mouth. I was building computers when they were still in nappies so remember the good times online via BBS and early internet access.


Only thing bad about PC is the 4 out of 5 rooms someone is modding, cheating, or hacking the game. PSN people never talk and when they do it's the N word over and over while Live no one ever shuts up.

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qface643734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

these are the top 4 types of players i encounter online

1. retards who throw racist words around back and forth
2. 12-15 year old with the obvious voice
3. the ones who do nothing but criticize how you play
4. the ones who go insane when a girl joins the room

sad thing is 90% of the time they are all of that bundled into 1

its rare to find good players and by good i mean people who aren't idiots but when i do find em the matches are a blast

CaptainMarvelQ83734d ago

i hate one's who wont stop moaning about how he got killed
and blames his team for that
i know someone that does it and its really annoying

MiamiACR3734d ago

I love the picture, perfectly describes what I see when I hear their voices.