Slant Six Hiring Again, SW: Battlefront Online Still In Development?

A job listing hints that Slant Six are starting work on the speculated Star Wars: Battlefront Online, again.

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SpaceSquirrel3099d ago

A new Battlefront game for the ps360 would be great.

mjolliffe3099d ago

I've missed Battlefront so much! Would love this to materialise :)

NateNater3099d ago

I've actually never played Battlefront before. Is it good? I might have to try it out.

Sunny_D3099d ago

YES IT IS! Think of it as a 3rd person Battlefield or Warhawk set in the Star Wars universe. When a player is doing amazing in the game, they will get the chance to become a Jedi or Sith depending on what team you are on. When you become one, you can rape the puny armies. With force push, lightsaber throws, force lightning, force choke, and force run and jump! You can have Jedi vs Sith battles, space battles, vehicle battles, or normal army battles.

PoSTedUP3099d ago

battle front 2 was amazing, just like the movie attack of the clones with the huge battle scale. loved it. great with split screen, online, or just singleplayer. that game had it all.

Government Cheese3099d ago

I hope this is true, Damn, the last real battlefront came out over 4 and a half years ago.. all we've been getting is crappy handheld ones, I don't even have a PSP so I couldn't even play them

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kidnplay3099d ago

Battlefront keeps popping up at the mo. Played the original ages ago, and really liked it. Would love to see a new one happen.

TheColbertinator3099d ago

No! They ruined Socom.Stay the hell away from battlefront.

JRisburning3099d ago

Believing you and your satirical sarcasm.

Tiberium3099d ago

I don't see any sarcasm in his comment. Battlefront was amazing last gen. Too many franchises have been ruined this gen.

ExposingLames3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

What Colbert said is 100% fact.....ask any SOCOM fan and they will confirm it....go to and make a thread "Does Slant Six suck?" and you will see just how bad their developing actually is

Confrontation is still in beta stage...and thats no lie, we PAID to be beta testers as they fixed the game for over a year and never completing it before turning their back on it

pray this horrible developer gets canned from your game or project.....get a real developer or atleast hope for one

Kingdom Come3099d ago

Well, as much as it's likely cancelled completely, a part of me wishes, the Battlefront games are superb.

T9X693099d ago

Oh god no, Slant Six ruined SOCOM, now there going (maybe) to ruin Battlefront to? Any publisher with a brain in there head would not let Slant Six go anywhere near a console game, and just let them stick to there PSP crap.

morganfell3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Just so we are clear, how did Slant Six ruin SOCOM?

peeps3099d ago

SOCOM Confrontation failed to capture what was great about socom + it was buggy as hell when released.

Jager3099d ago

Gears of War 2 screwed up what made Gears 1 great and was buggy when released. Game got a free pass, why?

arakouftaian3099d ago

This are bad developers and I still play the game ever since the beta
but the game most of he times give em blue balls and headdecks
that how buggy and full of errors this game it's and
the worse thing is that fanboys think that you or me are trolling
idiotas fanboys

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Check all the videos from Blackwido88, you will see factual evidence why Socom Confrontation is bad.

It is weird that with the latest updates still with technical problems.

Good thing Zipper return with Socom 4. That's a good Socom.

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