Did Bungie Accidentally Confirm Firefight in Halo Reach? "They recently released a new vidoc yesterday titled Carnàge Carnivàle that showcases the many new modes and gameplay types which are being added into Reach. While discussing the multiplayer maps for the game, one the developers mentions the existence of the maps in the multiplayer mode being available for the single player campaign mode for Reach."

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mrv3213152d ago

I see no idea why, it's an excellent mode to increase re-playability and a great way people to have fun...

Niles3152d ago

I had tons of fun in ODST just because of firefight...

281219863152d ago

they are essentially crafted to generate looping experiences.

HolyOrangeCows3152d ago

They better not charge us extra for it. With the unfair practices they used with Halo 3 (eg blocking Big Team Battle unless you buy new maps), though, I wouldn't be surprised.

If they stop that crap, I'll meet y'all on the Reach train.
Here's hoping Firefight is included.

IaMs123152d ago

Well they did confirm that this game will have all the features of the previous games so it will have all this and more now.

Reibooi3152d ago

Well I say it's a pretty certain thing that Firefight will be in the game. It was the reason to own ODST and was incredibly fun.

That said I don't think what was said has anything to do with the mode being confirmed or not. What it sounds like to me is that he meant maps in multiplayer will be somewhat inspired by places you will visit in the campaign. MANY online multiplayer games do this and maybe Bungie is doing that with Reach.

SixZeroFour3152d ago

wasnt it already stated as fact that the multiplayer maps would be places taken straight out of the campaign...this doesnt mean there will be firefight (but i wish they are going to add firefight and with matchmaking this time, not that it will be hard for me to find a game with my friends anyways)

also, the spaces in multiplayer, although coming straight from campaign, will look different in a sense that the mood and weather will be changed. ei in campaign, a level can be cloudy, and rainy, but in multiplayer, that same level will be sunny and bright

cool cole3152d ago

Like they say in Kung Fu Panda, "There are no accidents".

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100003152d ago

and even with the firefight I do...

Niles3152d ago

i think...your avatar says it all....

Sunny_D3152d ago

What's the avatar? It's too small.

822119863152d ago

the Elites...Its gonna be damn sweet...

rogimusprime3152d ago

Firefight with MATCHMAKING!!!!!

Kind of tough to be directly compared with Horde mode when you don't have matchmaking. Not all of us have time to sit around and wait for our friends to come home from work so we can send them invites.

Either way, I'll still be picking this up on day one.

Wizziokid3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

It's kind of the same set-up as ODST with the squad so it dose fit in, and it was an amazing game-mode anyway.

I hope it dose happen but if it dose they need to move it to matchmaking because only being able to play with friends kind sucked, especially when your friends aren't playing it.

But at the same time I don't think what they said was really a hint, I think they just decided to make a basis where multiplayer and singleplayer have reference unlike past games where the MP maps didn't relate to the campaign at all.

IrishAssa3152d ago

I think he meant they are using single player levels for multiplayer maps not Firefight

Niles3152d ago

Marcus says Mutiplayer maps for Single player...Check the video out again...they did the same thing for ODST for firefight....Single player maps were available for Multplayer's firefight...

IrishAssa3152d ago

Maybe your right.

there is no point on even speculating if it will be in it though. I mean why the Hell not? They said they wanted to do more with firefight and Reach is the next sequel. No point in taking features out

mcnablejr3152d ago

- zombies
+ time

= mw2.

Nebulas Zero3152d ago

Firefight is the only real source of fun I found with Halo 3: ODST. The single player was okay, but the world hub novelty wore off and the length was just a real downer. I hope they include Firefight with 4 player split-screen this time around, since the original only included 2 player split-screen (on the same TV).

IrishAssa3152d ago

I hate the way split-screen is not in alot of current gen games. Halo one of hte onl ones that stuck with it . Also WAW=Treyarc. MW2=infinity ward. IW will never take anything from Trey because they're to stuck up

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