Neroli's Game Review - Emergency Room: Heroic Measures

Emergency Room: Heroic Measures is a newly released medical simulation game from Legacy Interactive that has you alternatively playing as a paramedic, an ER doc, and a doctor in the cardiac care unit. If you've ever wondered what happens when you go into cardiac arrest, this is a game that explores the most common scenarios and treatments.

Reviewer Neroli writes, "Emergency Room: Heroic Measures is a heart-stopping medical simulation that has you playing as a doctor in the cardiac care unit. With 20 unique and realistic cardiac crisis situations to mange, adrenaline junkies and wannabe doctors will find plenty to keep them entertained. There's a learning curve as you figure how not to kill your patients, but you're given plenty of chances to try again when you do. Hypochondriacs should probably steer clear, because there are more ways to have a heart attack than you'd ever imagine."

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