Famitsu: We Support Xbox 360 (American Gamer in Japan 4)

Famitsu under fire, the 360 in Japanese market trouble, and Valkyria Chronicles 2 being awesome, but not as awesome as its elder. Well, at least the Dragon Quest bar got some new food.

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Natsu X FairyTail3101d ago

They do support it somehow but the thing is that most xbox360 games dont appeal to them mostly and they got tired of Fake exclusives.

Vicophine3101d ago

Isn't that the only kind of 360 exclusive?

tinybigman3101d ago

say that you can't trust famitsu scores because they gave MGS PW 40/40 that's bullcrap. famitsu has always love the MGS series and have always giving them great scores.

kissmeimgreek3101d ago

its not that anyone think s that Famitsu doesnt love MGS. Its just a little fishy that the magazine is advertised throughout the game and then theyve give the game a perfect score.

tinybigman3101d ago

they gave MGS4 a 40/40 and the magazine isnt plastered anywhere throughout that game. so i say that Kotaku is full of sh*t with no creditability and they should stop looking for hits with flamebait articles.

when other sites/publications start dropping great scores on it (some perfects) what will they say about them when it happens?

IdleLeeSiuLung3101d ago

That is kind of fishy, only because it is so blatant....

avengers19783100d ago

It's been said that they boost the review scores of most games just help the sales. They figure more people will buy the 40/40 then the 35/40. That is just something I heard.

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Blaster_Master3101d ago

Im really pissed that there isn't a current gen Dragon Warrior out yet. It would be awesome to see such a game being implemented using PSmove as well. So much wasted potential.

SpoonyRedMage3101d ago

So you want DQ Swords then? because that got released ages ago....

Bnet3433101d ago

Dragon Warrior, you mean Dragon Quest and there are DQ games on DS and Wii.

George Sears3101d ago

It seemed that Square wants to satisfy all console fronts with FF towards HD consoles and DQ with Nintendo's products (Wii, DS) along with some exceptional FF spinoffs.

Good move. Would like to hear more info from DQX.

LittleBigSackBoy3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I only like 2 DQ games, DQ Monsters on the GBC(Best GBC game IMO) and DQVIII.I wish they'd put DQVIII on PSN, or just rerelease it on the PS3.

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Hank Hill3101d ago

The Japanese people are not big on shooters so the Xbox doesn't appeal to them. They can wait for the timed exclusivity for other genres to run out and buy it on their PS3s.

November 9 20043101d ago

what you mean,there's other genre's too,ps3 has tons of shooters like mag,resistance and killzone too. also who wants late port table scraps when they can play it right away?


The console shooter don't appeal right in Japan.

foxxy3101d ago

@kissmeimgreek .................... Zzzz I'm Greek too but I
not going to agree with your comment too retarted.